“TriBreath™ is a breathing revolution for us all. It is for all of us who walk, run, climb stairs, climb mountains, surf, paddle, push a pram, and most activities that use the two sides of the body to move.”

How it began

TriBreath founder is the man known as Brett Hayes.  From the early age of 7, the ‘H’ edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica was always in Brett’s room and opened up to the human body.  With clear transparent pages that showed the skeletal, the muscular, the nervous, the vascular and the lymphatic systems, for many years these diagrams were studied and embedded into this young boy’s consciousness.  It is from here that began the knowledge and understanding of what is now called TriBreath.

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The early years

With friends having older brothers, cars became of favour.  Not so much the car body, but the engines with Brett’s favourite motor being the “V” stroke.  Brett saw the engine differently!  Not as just an engine, he saw the oil pump as the heart; the kidney’s as the battery; the large intestine as the muffler, the lungs as the carburettor.  

At 17 an electrical trade was started and upon completion with license in hand, he once again returned his attention to human anatomy, in particular the treating of injuries.  Unbeknownst to him, he was very good at this endeavour.  There was an understanding that couldn’t be taught… it was a knowing!

A chance meeting

When a friend and his manager who was experiencing constant headaches popped by, Brett offered his services.  Impressed with Brett’s skill, his friend’s manager also happened to manage numerous high profile elite sports people and within a year, many world champions and sports people sought Brett’s input.

With so many high performance body’s to treat and observe, it was in these years that a light turned on.  A light of understanding that the majority of injuries people experience are self-created.  Not through conscious thoughts of harm, but through a lack of knowledge with regard to the distribution of both breath & energy to both sides of the body.

Opportunity offered

With well over a decade of full on treating under his belt, an opportunity to help create a healing centre in a mountain environment became available.  It was here that experiencing a major life-threatening injury created the TriBreath opportunity.

Whilst building rock walls, a large boulder above the head of Brett shifted and if left alone it was goodbye Brett!  As life would have it, instinct & reflexes kicked in and miraculously Brett lifted this boulder as if it was made of paper.  But paper it wasn’t and Brett’s body broke.  It came tumbling down cracking lumbar vertebrae and slipping two discs that resulted in full-blown paralysis down the right leg.  Tough times indeed!

TriBreath Regeneration

Flat on his back and knowing the mechanics of the body, combined with the awareness of the breath & the nervous system (the electrical trade) TriBreath became a reality!  The work commences in the mind!  Using TriBreath, Brett used the alternate breathing rhythm’s to stitch his back up like a zipper.  Unable to physically move, his mind & breath were very active rebuilding broken neural connections!

Within 18 months after that devastating injury, Brett was running again (with NO emphasis on running fast or far) using the breath & visualisation to regenerate & repair his body.
And lift it did!

A Vision For The Future

With so many experiencing wonderful & powerful results, the yearning to share and care is strong. 
The goal is set to creating TriBreath teaching centre’s around the world to help inform & support people experiencing paralysis of both body & mind.  From sore hips & knees to stroke & inertia, the gifts of strength & regeneration that TriBreath offers are inclusive.

For it is from a point of understanding & knowing of the self that positive change can flourish.   The foundation of life is the breath and TriBreath is all about breath, movement and connection.  

The end result is you walk better, run better, move better, breathe better, think better.  Just you, your body and your breath… TriBreath!

TriBreath – it’s all about Breath, Movement and Connection.

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While most of us have a general idea that oxygen is vital to good health, only a few of us know that specific breathing techniques, can, do, and will dramatically improve the way we move and the way we function.


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