“TriBreath™ is a breathing revolution for us all. It is for all of us who walk, run, climb stairs, climb mountains, surf, paddle, push a pram, and most activities that use the two sides of the body to move.”

Brett Hayes – TriBreath Head Coach & Developer

i like to call myself a ‘Regenerative Coach’.

The reason being that is exactly what i’ve done with my own body.

Being in the later years of my 50’s, i have resurrected my body from states of injury & illness that had i not changed the way i was living in my body, the chances are that right now i would not be on the planet or i would be in a wheel chair.

Of that there is no doubt!

What was the biggest factor i became aware of and changed?

The way i related and then started using MY BREATH!

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My journey to access the keys that open the way for repair and regeneration started early.

In my teenager years, wanting to be mobile, i learnt how to fix and tune-up engines.

i learnt that to access the engines power, it was all about oxygen intake, fuel and spark.

Imagining my body was an engine, i started mucking around with the way i breathed when i walked.

Listening to the way i breathed when i was walking and pretending my arms were pistons (and that’s not far from reality), i’d muck around with the timing of my breath just like i did tuning the engine.

This provided me with a profound and powerful realisation that the way i breathed when i was walking or running, can and does have either a positive or negative effect on the way my body distributes impact, compression and compaction.

Then in mid 2001 i broke my back.

Ouch… that hurt!

Physically moving tons of rock and soil to create a healing centre high up in the Northern New South Wales mountains of Australia unfortunately proved too much for my body.

But it was then, lying flat on my back that TriBreath™ became a reality!

Unable to physically move (not to mention the spasm, pain & lightening bolts), i used my mind along with alternating breathing rhythm’s to mentally repair nerve function and stitch-up my back up like a zipper.

Within 2 years i was walking without support and the potency of ‘how’ we can use the breath to help restore mobility became very real.

Though the healing centre never fully came to fruition, my healing and regenerative knowledge and practice was lifted to another level.

Using what i now call the TriBreath™ techniques, let me show you how to MOVE BETTER, BREATHE DEEPER, WALK TALLER and RUN FASTER today.

A Vision For The Future

With so many experiencing powerful results, the yearning to share and care is strong. 
The goal is to create TriBreath™ centre’s around the world to help inform, empower & support people from all walks of life.

To understand there are techniques that can help you move easier and breathe deeper. From sore hips & knees to stroke & inertia, the gifts of strength & regeneration that TriBreath™ offers are inclusive.

For it is from a point of understanding & knowing of the self that positive change can flourish.   The foundation of life is the breath and TriBreath™ is all about breath, movement and connection.

TriBreath™ – Just you, your body and your breath!

TriBreath – it’s all about Breath, Movement and Connection.

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While most of us have a general idea that oxygen is vital to good health, only a few of us know that specific breathing techniques, can, do, and will dramatically improve the way we move and the way we function.


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