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What’s included?


Enjoy a continuously growing catalog of breath, balance, strength and body sculpting movements and techniques.


The TriBreath rhythms and their application actively promote performance, recovery and ignite regeneration. 


Extensive instruction in both video and PDF format to help you obtain the best results and greatest benefit.


Brett has over 30 years of teaching and guidance to share with you in this unique breath and movement program.


Everybody learns at a different pace.  Stream classes to your phone, tablet, computer anywhere, anytime.


Most videos run for 5 to 8 minutes for easy digestion making it easier to remember, practice and learn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any guarantees?

There’s an old saying that states…

“If whatever you gain is not rightfully yours, it’ll only bring you pain and suffering.”

i, Brett Hayes give you my guarantee, that if you feel/believe/think you’ve received no benefit from accessing the TriBreath™ Member Teaching Portal within 30 days from your initial registration, for whatever reason, please contact me and i will return your registration costs in full.

No questions will be asked, but as you can imagine, a lot of work has gone into making TriBreath™ available online rather than in a physical class environment, hence your feedback would be very much appreciated!

How does Payment work for a Membership? What are my payment options?

You’ll need a valid credit, debit card or Paypal account to access the TriBreath Members Teaching Portal.  At this time there are two payment options available…

  1. $10 a month recurring
  2. $147 for life-time access (best value)

How do i cancel a Monthly Membership?

There is no contract, so you can cancel your Monthly Membership at anytime.

Please note that all monthly memberships must be cancelled prior to the auto-renew date to avoid further charges.

Simply log in to your account, View the My Subscription page and from there you can set your plan to expire at the end of your current billing period.

Is the one-off life time payment really for life?

For as long as the TriBreath™ Member Teaching Portal can remain active on the platform we know as the internet, yes your life-time membership will give you Unrestricted Access to TriBreath™ Teaching Platform.  Please note no liability or responsibility is accepted with regard to internet availability.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer discounts for teams, non-for-profit organisations or clubs.  Please contact us for further information.

How often am i billed for membership?

  • Monthly memberships auto-renew at the end of your 1-month billing cycle.
  • Life-time memberships are paid once and once only.

How are my payment details stored?

TriBreath Pty Ltd does not store any credit card information. TriBreath Pty Ltd uses Stripe & PayPal as its payment gateway. All payment or credit information is handled by Stripe Security or PayPal Safety & Security as applicable.

Where do i start?

All movements are graded from New Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Following the sequence of video’s presented from New Beginner onwards will provide you with a steady flow of movements to lift, strengthen and tone your body.

Are any video's more important than others?

All movements have their place within TriBreath™.  With that said, as your breath is the most important aspect of living, it would be beneficial to gain all information possible with regard to your breath that being the Thumbs video, the three(3) TriBreath™ breathing rhythm’s, the Breathing Points of the Spine video, the Thumbs video and the Elbows video.  Once you have your breath under your belt so to speak, let the games begin as you move onto the TriBreath™ movements.

i find breathing difficult. Can i still use TriBreath™?

When you understand that it is physically moving beyond our breath that is the greatest cause of shortness-of-breath, everything starts to fall into place.  The most common sense approach to breathing difficulties is to slow down your body and focus more on “how” you breathe when you walk and move first. It is for this reason why i believe learning the first of the TriBreath™ breathing rhythms (the 3-Step) whilst walking up a slight slope is of great advantage to you.  Walk slowly as you breathe in and focus on getting more air out on your OUT breath.  The more air you can get out the more air you can get in 🙂

Will there be any new video's/ movements added over time?

That’s a big yes!  New movements and different ways of using your breath with different forms of apparatus will be regularly added for many years to come.  So much more awaits as this is just the beginning.  With so many movements ready and waiting in pre-production, there’s plenty for everyone.  As soon as new video’s are available, notification via your chosen contact methods in your member account will be sent.

Why is the "i" not capitalised when referring to a man on TriBreath?

It’s all about “what is not expressed cannot be implied”.  TriBreath™ Founder Brett Hayes believes the lower case “i” when referring to a man or woman in the English language represents the thinking breathing man or woman; with the vertical line of the “i” representing the flesh and blood body of the man/woman and the dot representing the head of the same man/woman.  As each man or woman has the right to choose (i will choose to or i will choose not to), when one capitalises the ‘I’ when referring to a man or woman, one is figuratively removing the head of that man or woman (decapitating), thus (unfortunately for the man/woman who has no knowledge or understanding) with the loss of the head so too can the “rights” of a man or a woman be forgotten.  With lots of awakenings occurring here at TriBreath, a head that is connected to a living, breathing body is advantageous, hence the “i”