The TriBreath Beginner Series

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For all walkers, runners, weekend warriors, professional athletes and people experiencing the limiting effects of immobility, injury & illness.

Oxygen deficiency is the leading cause of both physical and mental collapse experienced by humanity today. Compaction and compression of the skeletal structure and supporting muscle is the leading cause of body limitation and immobility.

In this TRIBREATH BEGINNER SERIES, i’m going to teach you some powerful techniques to help remedy both oxygen deficiency and body collapse. If you practice what i teach you, not only will you strengthen your breath; you’ll move better and think better.

No matter what your age, feel what it’s like to be in the driver’s seat of your body by using your breath like a pendulum to help balance and minimise the physical impact placed on the two sides of your body every time you walk or run.

Included in this series is:

And as an added bonus, there’s an edited version of the ORIGINAL TRIBREATH DVD released in 2003 for your enjoyment. It also has a brief introduction of how to use your breath to generate and distribute light energy through-out your body using your nervous system as the highway. Enjoy 🙂

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Live TriBreath™ Workshops

Looking to improve the way you move from the comfort of wherever you are?

In these workshops, Brett Hayes takes you from Beginner level to Advanced.

These live online classes will provide you with the tools and the knowledge you need to improve and restore your mobility, your breath, your balance and your physical fitness.

All TriBreath™ workshops are low impact!

Results are achievable no matter what age you are.

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Live Regenerative Wall Work Sessions

If a pain-free, actively mobile body sounds appealing, no matter how broken you feel you are right now, then Wall Work is for you!

Wall Work has one primary function…  To return your skeleton to what i call Factory Default Settings (FDS).

Why? It’s called pain, discomfort & restriction!

If you regularly experience…

Then Wall Work is definitely worth your time investment!

Results are achievable no matter what age you are.

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