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Improving the Way You Move!

TriBreath™ is a practice where you make minor adjustments to your breathing rhythm, which as a result your left and right sides movement synchronises up improving the way you are able to physically move.

When you use these breathing techniques with the TriBreath™ exercises, each synchronised movement helps you draw in a deeper breath.  With each movement focused on “correct alignment of your skeletal frame”, maintaining correct posture can become effortless.  This makes it easier for you to maintain and build upon your lung capacity & lung function as you age.

Best of all, the TriBreath™ techniques can be practiced when you’re out walking, in the gym or in the privacy of your home.  You’ll breathe more regularly and more effectively as you open, lift and expand your body & chest!

You’ll move easier, breathe better, walk taller, run faster!

Benefits of TriBreath

Imagine being 90 & older and still being able to run!  With a variety of techniques to tone, elongate & strengthen your body, your lung capacity will increase with all achievable from the comfort of your home, gym or park.


Improved Posture

Moving with an upright posture frees up your rib cage allowing you deeper fuller breaths. Slow down the shrinking of your body by using your spine as a 'Body Lifting Tool'.

Less Injuries

Balancing the forces placed on your left and right hand sides when you move minimises the physical impact placed on specific joints and muscles thereby promoting mobility.

Strength & Muscle Tone

Each TriBreath movement activates different muscle groups into a cohesive whole. With every breath and muscle response, expansion is felt from the core of the tissue itself.

The Body Sculpting Exercises

Every exercise/movement is designed to work cohesively with the TriBreath breathing rhythms.  Once you’re familiar with the movement of each exercise, you start to join the exercises up into sequences.  As your breath awareness & strength increases, you can bring more movements into your practice. Best of all, with gym equipment not being necessary, all your fitness requirements can be achieved when you’re out walking or inside on a treadmill. You can even practice TriBreath in your lounge room as you walk on the spot.

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Who is it for?

We’d like to say everyone – well anyone who breathes, walks, runs, rides a bike… pushes a pram.

The low impact nature of TriBreath makes it accessible to most people. But it is particularly good for those of us who run out of breath quickly and may not have found the joy in movement.

On the other hand, people who are already athletic and wish to gain better performance from their body there is much to be gained. Using TriBreath, lung performance can be improved and balanced movement can be achieved between the left and right sides of the body. Learn more by selecting an activity below.

All Ages

Breathing is the most vital requirement to our livingness no matter what our age. Oxygen is our life force. Yet how many of us can say we were taught from a young age that there are specific breathing methods that not only improve the way you move, but the way you feel? If you’re not feeling vitalised, this may be worth considering. Lung capacity diminishes as we age and global atmospheric oxygen levels are plummeting. It’s not great news making it al the more reason to focus on your breath now. TriBreath… just you, your body and your breath.


The human nervous system branches out to both the left and right hand sides of the body to the furthest extremities. If one side of your body is damaged, the other side of your body will carry the weight of your body as best it can. Using TriBreath, you can alternate how this “resistance is being distributed” on both the physical and mental levels, helping reduce the time spent being in tension & quickening the rehabilitation process.


Look at the actions required for most sports and you’ll find one side of the body is predominantly used. Tennis, golf, football, even darts is mainly one sided hence injuries caused by repetition and the over stimulation of one side are common. Using TriBreath, as you become aware of where the forces of gravity and impact are being felt by your body, using your breath as the pendulum and your arms for velocity, you synchronise both your left and right hand sides up thereby promoting greater body balance.


Enjoying life and experiencing that which attracts you is always a good reason to get out and see more. Yet all too often as we age, what pleasures we could have experienced can sometimes be subdued by mobility issues. Yet what if the road to regeneration was just around the corner? And best of all, what if all the tools you require to walk this road of regeneration you already have? Well the good news is the road to regeneration “is” just around the corner.


Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, we all know it’s all about performance. How you perform matters! With that said, how your body performs is dependent upon whether or not your body is in an oxygenated, hydrated and nourished state. It’s whether or not you can get the breath in that makes all the difference between you having a good game, and you playing a game where you performed brilliantly. TriBreath… just you, your body and your breath.

6 Good Reasons why TriBreath is for You


TriBreath is both simple and expansive… It’s just you, your body and your breath. As each breathing rhythm relates differently with each movement, once you find your connection, positive results can be felt and seen on so many levels.


Everything you need to get the best out TriBreath you already have. Gym equipment and extra props are not a requirement for you to get good results. Yet with that said, using TriBreath in the gym will definitely change the way you train!


Connecting with your body right down to your nervous system and its potential is empowering. And if one thing is needed to help fuel your fitness and/or weight loss goals, it’s power. With a fuller breath and TriBreath, more is possible!


TriBreath helps lifts your body up from the base of your spine up. It changes how we move. In its own way, each of the TriBreath movements promotes this up-liftment which as a direct result minimises unnecessary compression upon the joints.


As TriBreath is already present within all of us. Once you’re familiar with how to integrate your breath into your body’s movement, in any given situation you can draw on TriBreath to help. If you can remember, it’s yours for life.


TriBreath can be applied to a huge variety of activities be it walking, hiking, running, cycling, surfing, gym workouts and even in rehabilitation of physical injuries and structural challenges. It’s all about integration, connection and your breath!

“There’s no doubt professional athletes will have a big bonus from TriBreath, but I also think it’s about Mum and Dad as well, Grandpa and Grandma and the kids, I think it’s got benefits for everybody.”

Pat Cash
Wimbledon Champion


“Good nutrition, correct breathing, correct movement and posture are the foundations of good health. TriBreath provides us with a remarkable recipe for improving vitality, strength and balance. I have achieved a level of performance and feeling of wellbeing well beyond my expectations.”

Dr Karen Coates

“I’m able to do three times as much physical activity without losing my breath which is amazing for someone who has been fitness-conscious for many decades.”

Brian Tabone

“Many years ago Brett Hayes taught me this method of balanced breathing and it became quite natural for me. TriBreath helps me move differently, using the breath to re-focus… and the difference is amazing.”

Robby Horley

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