Hear from people who have no financial interest or motivation of “getting” for sharing their truth.  Brett Hayes (TriBreath Coach) has been teaching and sharing the TriBreath techniques that are as ancient as time immemorial for over twenty years and the success stories continue to grow.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, a lover of walking, an avid runner, be you young of age or in your senior years, TriBreath will serve you well!


Pat Cash – TriBreath Ambassador & Wimbledon Champion

Pat started TriBreath riddled with injuries sustained through decades on the tennis court. Within a matter of months he had returned to the world stage and has never looked back!


Wendy – TriBreath Member

After a big injury had left it’s mark, Wendy wasn’t sure whether mobility would ever return. Within months the wheels of disintegration lost traction and the wheels of regeneration took hold to return Wendy’s movement. A common theme experienced by many!


Jean Greenwood – TriBreath Inspiration

Now well and truly in her nineties, Jean has proven to many people what the human body is capable of given the right tools and the right action.


Carolyn Eory – TriBreath Member

Knowing how important lung function is, Carolyn found what she was looking for when she started learning the TriBreath techniques. To see the shift was truly a gift!


Ian Stirling – TriBreath Practitioner

As a long time smoker, Ian’s health was plummeting at a rate of knots. Using the TriBreath techniques, Ian experienced the return of his lung function and from there things only started improving. Another classic case of… it’s never too late!


Garry Anderson – TriBreath Practitioner

A long time searcher of the tools and techniques that increase the well being of both body and mind, Garry connected to the “breath’s rhythm” like a bird does to flight. 


Peter Lewis – TriBreath Member

I first heard of Brett Hayes about 3 months ago from a tradesman we hired, when I mentioned a painful back ache he said I should google the TriBreath Program and try the sore back/shoulders exercise. I did this exercise next morning and was able to get out of bed without any difficulty.

Within 2 weeks we employed Ian Stirling to repair and rehang our carport awning, and he also mentioned Brett and invited my wife Vicki and myself to the Saturday morning sessions.

The exercises were gentle and flowing and my “No Pain No Gain” theory went out the window.

I find when I am walking I am quite conscious of my breathing and developing my stability & most of all keeping my sacrum in and my chin in and lifting my head at the base of the neck.

Brett is a Stickler for posture.

I hope I have shed some light on the impact that Tri Breath can have on your daily life.

Many Thanks Brett for your enriching Saturday morning insights and wisdom of the human body

Kind Regards
Peter Lewis