January 17th 2020

Aging With Eyes Open

Imagine from the day you were born and grew into an adult, every human being you spoke to confirmed in your consciousness that a human’s life span is around 200. That’s right! 200 years old!


February 9th 2019

In Memory of Jean Greenwood

It is with deep sadness that i share the passing of the oldest of our TriBreath members, Jean Greenwood. At the spritely age of 93, Jean was still coming to weekly classes up to a few months ago.


January 10th 2019

Fitness On the Move

Have you ever considered how much time you spend sitting in a car, van or truck compared with how much time you actually invest in your practice of body fitness each day? Can you say you practice fitness while you’re on the move?


November 16th 2018

Move Your Arms

If you have to “remember” the days when you could skip and had a “spring” in your step, the chances are very good you don’t experience these joys of movement in your body right now. When did the simple action of walking lightly up a flight of stairs become a mission? The good news is you can say hello and reignite…


September 6th 2018

Embracing the Peacework

Peacework is the most restorative and regenerative practice that i’ve invested the most precious of my private properties in… my time. Would this practice be as successful for me (no more broken back pain; no more migraine headaches that were recurring regularly at 2 a month if not more)


August 28th 2018

A Tip for Finding the Light

As many know and many more are yet to discover, TriBreath is all about tuning the connection you have with your body UP. Without going into great detail, (all is available within the TriBreath Teaching Portal) the way we go about this is to use rhythmic breathing and specific mind techniques that together,


December 3rd 2017

2 Things You Must Know When Choosing Trekking Poles

i’m often asked whether i recommend the use of trekking poles on walks and/or when you’re out on long treks whilst using the TriBreath breathing rhythms and techniques or not.   In short the answer is, “Whatever feels best for you!”   There’s no doubt using trekking (walking) poles is a big advantage when it […]


November 14th 2017

Lung Function & Your Bowel

Have you ever considered the similarities between the workings of the human body and the workings of an internal combustion engine? Have you ever noticed that high-performance cars with big thumping engines in them have equally huge exhaust pipes? Having spent many years under the hood


October 9th 2017

Breathe and Detox With TriBreath

As little as it is known, it is your breath that is the biggest mover of metabolic waste from your body above all other channels of excretion. When you think detox, think of your breath to help keep the workings of your body clean!