Hello, Brett Hayes here.  Imagine knowing something, that you believe every human being on the planet can benefit from?  Imagine being able to do something about that?

As you may have noticed, access to the TriBreath member portal at this moment in time is free.  Yes FREE! 

It’s crazy!  i know it’s crazy!  So many people have told me they think i’m crazy!  But i’m having a go at a “user deciding to contribute or not” philosophy.  This practice of “choosing to contribute or not” has shown itself time and time again to work in favour of the contributors.  True it’s usually food that is being offered on the table, not knowledge, not techniques, but i believe the same principles can apply. 

So this is my call to all TriBreather’s out there.  Help me keep TriBreath free for all.  Help me get TriBreath out there on a global level and chip in if you can.  Help me build a platform and maintain it to teach the teachers so these techniques can be passed onto others no matter where they are across the world. 

Help me get the TriBreath material translated into other languages.  Of course if you haven’t any spare cash and would like to help in other ways, let me know.  There’s lots of work to be done.

So if you choose to help, you have my word your investment will not be squandered on items and activities that are not TriBreath related.  That’s my promise!

All the best to you and i hope this finds you in good health and spirit.

Brett Hayes


Brett Hayes