Hello, my names Brett Hayes.

To begin with, let me quickly share with you how and why TriBreath came to be.

From around the age of 7, i’ve had a love of human anatomy.

As life and life’s lessons would have it, out of the blue in my mid twenties i was literally thrust into a full-time massage career that focused on injury repair.

After a chance meeting & treatment with a man who managed elite athletes and world champions, from that one referral my usual 5 or 6  treatments i’d give in a month turned into 4 or 5 treatments every day and progressively most days of the week for over a decade.

So now here i was now playing with lots of human Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s.

Chiselled muscle, high performance body’s!

But what i found in these high-performance body’s was what i found and still do (hence why you’re here) in 99% of the not-so-high-performance body’s.

And that is how the collapse of the body occurs.

What i found (without any shadow of doubt), was the majority of collapse that people experience is predominately felt on one side of the body!

Hence, why injuries are predominately one sided!

Finding the reasons why

When giving treatments i ponder a lot on muscle relationship and the perfection in the design.

What is pertinent to note at this time is your body and my body is bound by the Law of Polarity.

Being an avid musician and a lover of rhythm definitely helped me understand why this collapse does predominantly occur on one side.

The more i searched for answers the more it became obvious as to where my attention should be focused.

At the beginning of course and that is with the breath!

But i specifically honed in on the rhythm of the breath!

And what i found was, when it comes to the rhythm of your breath when you walk and run, what appears to be a balanced-breathing-rhythm, physically experienced is not!

Understand that whenever you use the two sides of your body to work in opposition to each other to generate power (like when you walk and run), and you use a balanced-breathing-rhythm’s, the impact on your tissue & bones that the action of walking & running creates will be predominately experienced on the one side.

The simple reason being, the 1st IN-breath and the 1st OUT-breath are always expressed on the side.

The proof of the pudding

As my grandmother always said… “The proof of the pudding is in the taste!”

So to show you what i’m talking about, it’s onto the tread mill we go.

What i’m hoping you’ll be able to see in this video is “why” what is considered a balanced-breathing-rhythm is not your best option to use when walking & running (and a lot of other things).

And what is considered an unbalanced-breathing-rhythm is the way to go.

Due to this Law of Polarity, using what is considered an unbalanced-breathing-rhythm when you walk and run actually promotes uniform synchronised movement between your left and right hand sides.

Not to mention what you can do with these rhythm’s to seriously pump up your respiratory strength and vitalise your neural connection.

If you have any questions, let me know!

Wishing you all the best,

Brett 3

Brett Hayes
TriBreath Coach




This is my guarantee to you. If within 30 days of your TriBreath Membership purchase, if you can honestly say you put the effort in to time your body up to your breath, and you don’t feel more connected and more in control of your breath and your body, if you ask for a refund, it will be given!


Inside the TriBreath™ Members Teaching Portal, there you’ll find an ever updated library of video’s to help…

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  • Muscle toning exercises using the TriBreath™ breathing rhythm’s that you can practice anywhere, anytime.
  • Exercises to elongate and strengthen your muscles when you’re out walking.
  • Injury and rehabilitation techniques to help keep you active and mobile.
  • Neural activation techniques to help restore, maintain and regenerate body communication.
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