TriBreath Insights Page

Are the TriBreath techniques hard to learn?

No!  TriBreath™ is really quite simple!

It’s how your body’s designed!  It’s simple mechanics!

The hardest thing most people find when they start is timing their arm movements up to their breath and slowing down the pace of their body thus giving themselves more time to fully breathe OUT.

Once you master your exhalation, your inhalation will take care of itself.

Can the TriBreath breathing rhythm's be used with other activities apart from walking and running?

Yes! The Tribreath™ techniques work harmoniously with most activities that require the two sides of your body to work in opposition to each other to create momentum.

The rhythm’s can also be applied to a huge variety of activities be it hiking, cycling, pushing, pulling, surfing, gym workouts and even in the repair of physical injuries and structural challenges.

The rehabilitation of the body goes hand-in-hand with the TriBreath™ techniques.

Injuries, stroke, paralysis…

It’s all about breath, mind and body connection!

What if I am really out of condition?

Be gentle with yourself.

Fitness isn’t about how fast or far you can run nor how much you can lift.

Fitness is all about your body’s ability to breathe in oxygen and distribute that oxygen throughout your body.

Even walking on the spot and breathing slowly as you practice the 3-STEP is an experience in itself.

The first challenge to overcome is to focus on your breath when you move.

Start with the TriBreath™ rhythm’s and timing your arm movements up to your breathing rhythm.

From there your feet will follow.

Do I need any equipment like weights or anything?

Everything you need you already have!

But that doesn’t mean the TriBreath™ techniques can’t be used when you’re pumping weights.

TriBreath™ is a game changer for weight training.  Particularly when using individually held hand weights and hard weighted medicine balls.

The bar raises very quickly once you realise it’s not using the breath to strengthen the muscle; it’s using the muscle to strengthen the breath.  Your life-force!

Is there a program for teacher/trainers to participate in?

Yes!  There are people teaching TriBreath™ in various parts of the world right now.

For more information with regard to the teacher/trainer program, please contact us for more details.