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With it being scientifically and medically accepted that coming up to the age of thirty (30), the average human will lose 10% of their lung capacity for every decade to follow, there must be a reason. i believe the reason is simple. We are unaware and haven’t been taught how to breathe when walking and running. It makes sense that when you’re moving, that’s when you require the most amount of oxygen.

Using rhythmic breathing, your lungs and body work together in synchronicity. It’s this “synchronisation” that helps you reach, maintain and expand your lung capacity, thus improving your balance and mobility.

For just like a balloon, your body will be lifted by your breath. Sure your body may still age, but it doesn’t have to collapse. Your breath is the key that turns on the lifting and vitalising generator. And when your generator is turned on, there’s plenty of power to regenerate!

Go beyond healing… GET INTO REGENERATION!

To access the first video in this 5 Day Mini Workshop, please check your email inbox.


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