Muscle Pose -Now available in the Members Area

If you’re looking to create strong toned arms and an expansive chest that can pull in some serious air when you’re out walking or doing your everyday stuff, then look no further than Muscle Pose.

You can do Muscle Pose standing on the spot in your lounge room, in your kitchen, on your veranda.

Throw in a couple of Muscle Pose sessions when you’re out walking and feel the difference in your breath and your body.

The movement is fabulous for creating some definition and tone and strength in the upper arm as well as the shoulders and chest.

But it doesn’t stop there as the real benefit is centred in your breath/mind/body connection.

You can use your breath to stimulate neural connection as you consciously contract and relax using your breath as the timing measure.

Then there’s the generating light in your head on the IN-breath and distributing this light to the furthest reaches of your body on the OUT-breath.

This is a wonderful practice for the restoration of balance that is so easily lost as the body ages.

Then there’s the vitalising of four of your body’s major breathing centre’s when using the 5-STEP breathing rhythm.

You want to slow down if not stop your body from shrinking, look no further than accessing and energising these centres that most people have no idea exist yet can offer you so much.

Up your body on the IN-breath and down your body on the OUT-breath.

Full instruction of how to achieve this and more is in my members area.

As with all the Tribreath movements, we embrace feeling first… then work in the tenth’s of millimetres to expand outwardly on the physical level.

Start softly and proceed with no rush to get anywhere.

Any queries let me know.


Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach



This is my guarantee to you. If within 30 days of your TriBreath™ Membership registration, if you can honestly say you put the effort in to time your body up to your breath, and you don’t feel more connected and more in control of your breath and your body, if you ask for a refund, it will be given!


Inside the TriBreath™ Members Teaching Area, there you’ll find an ever updated library of video’s to help…

  • Strengthen your breath, mind and body connection.
  • Age friendly techniques to increase and restore your lung capacity.
  • Lose weight as you focus on your oxygen intake using the TriBreath™ movements for a low-impact full body workout anywhere, anytime.
  • Enjoy the freedom to exercise, elongate and strengthen your core when you’re out walking.
  • Discover injury and rehabilitation techniques to help keep you active and mobile.
  • Increase neural activation to help restore, maintain and regenerate body communication.
  • Downloadable PDF’s and so much more!

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