Breathing Centre's
of the Spine

It’s a possibility that may be difficult to grasp, the possibility that your spine has, and does fulfill more functions than what is commonly known.  Most of us only think of the spine as a bony structure that gives the flesh of our body’s something to attach to and also houses and protects your body’s nervous system. 

Using the TriBreath breathing rhythm’s, you can energetically vitalise nervous system and draw your focus on four specific centres that are located along your spine.  These centres (that are invisible to the physical eye) are what i call the Breathing Points of the Spine.  Why is it of benefit to you to invest your thought and energy towards your spine or more to the point these breathing points when you’re out walking, running etc.?

The reason is energy or more to the point the “distribution and creation” of energy!

When it’s grasped that your spine houses your nervous system, and from your spine energy is distributed out to the furthest extremities of your body from every vertebrae that makes up your spine, the world of energy starts to make sense.

But what about the spine also being an integrating cog in the process we call respiration? How does that make sense?

If the only things that exist are the ones you can physically see with your eyes, this whole science of Breathing Points of the Spine may require a fair bit of pondering and reflection. The whole process of engaging your diaphragm and then using your chest and neck muscles to draw your breath up from the lower to your upper lung, gives a pretty clear indication that your breath isn’t only about the in and the out. 

What becomes very clear with the in and the out is there’s also a very clear circular motion that would appear to travel up the body from the back of your body, and travels down your body from your front.

For your breath is an instrument of both CONNECTION & UPLIFTMENT!

Imagine a balloon floating and see the air held in the balloon by the walls of the balloon’s structure.  It is in the structure that makes any work measurable, including breath-work.  For it is the intent and the purpose of wo/man thinking “a thought” that gives creative energy potency to make the thought matter.

Understanding the words, “energy follows thought” is a necessity when it comes to sensing and recognising the process of creation including the Breathing Points of the Spine.

A quick heads up…

Be well advised that once you actively use these points the whole concept of what breathing is all about can dramatically grow and evolve.  It sort of makes the whole concept of “being light” a reality and not just something new age magazines go on about.  You see being light doesn’t only have to refer to the duality of light and dark.  Being light can also have heavy and light connotations with regard to what is perceived as physical weight.

Whatever point of reference you choose to focus on, that is, light being an illuminating source or “light” as a measurement of density, lifting yourself up using the Breathing Points of the Spine in synch with the TriBreath breathing rhythms, will only ever give you life-long rewards. 

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