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Baoding Balls

Baoding balls or Yin Yang Balls have been around for centuries. The myriad of injuries i have treated on myself using these balls as acupressure tools is too many times for me to even mention.

Elbows Blog
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How to Build Lung Strength & Digestive Health Using Your Elbows

How you use your elbows when you walk is literally the make it or break it when it comes to lung strength and digestive health as you age.

Use Your Arms
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Move Your Arms

If you have to “remember” the days when you could skip and had a “spring” in your step, the chances are very good you don’t experience these joys of movement in your body right now. When did the simple action of walking lightly up a flight of stairs become a mission? The good news is you can say hello and reignite…

TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Building Lung Strength

When it comes to building lung strength up and improving your relationship you have with your breath, the effort required is not so much physical but more mental! God forbid… you’re not suggesting i have to think about how i breathe are you? The answer to that is quite simply, yes and no!

Trekking Poles and Body Structure
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

2 Things You Must Know When Choosing Trekking Poles

Choosing Trekking Poles i’m often asked whether i recommend the use of trekking poles on walks and/or when you’re out on long treks whilst using the TriBreath™ breathing rhythms and techniques or not. In short the answer is, “Whatever feels best for you!” There’s no doubt using trekking (walking) poles is a big advantage when […]

Your Arms Breath
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How to Build Lung Function & Mobility

If you wish to restore and build upon lung function & physical mobility, look first to your arms! Your arms are like the pistons of an engine to help harness your internal combustion

TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Improving Body Structure

Structural imbalance… can there be a greater cause of immobility? From niggling knee issues to lower back pain. One thing these hindrances all have in common to vital living is structure!

Slow Breath Better Breath
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Breath First… Move Second

When you break it down to the very “goal of fitness”, surely the rewards we hope to receive for all of our physical fitness endeavours is to live a vital life & experience great mobility!

Man In Mountains
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Your Life and the Air You Breathe

The trick is to be conscious of your breath and catch yourself when you’re moving beyond your breath. This is one of the fundamental insights you experience practicing rhythmic breathing.