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Aging With A Different Perspective
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Aging With Eyes Open

Imagine from the day you were born and grew into an adult, every human being you spoke to confirmed in your consciousness that a human’s life span is around 200. That’s right! 200 years old!

TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Building Lung Strength

When it comes to building lung strength up and improving your relationship you have with your breath, the effort required is not so much physical but more mental! God forbid… you’re not suggesting i have to think about how i breathe are you? The answer to that is quite simply, yes and no!

Embracing the Peacework
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Embracing the Peacework

Peacework is the most restorative and regenerative practice that i’ve invested the most precious of my private properties in… my time. Would this practice be as successful for me (no more broken back pain; no more migraine headaches that were recurring regularly at 2 a month if not more)

Find the Light Within
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Finding the Light Within

As many know and many more are yet to discover, TriBreath™ can be used as a very potent tool to distribute self-generated light. Without going into great detail, (all is available within the TriBreath Teaching Portal) the way we go about this is to use rhythmic breathing and specific mind techniques.

Remembering to breathe copy
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Building Breath Memory

One of the biggest challenges we face when on the path of regeneration is in the practice. Practicing TriBreath when you walk and run helps you “remember to breathe” so you give your body more oxygen with less effort.

Regeneration Lung Function Mobility
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Mobility & Regeneration

Mobility issues are not just limited to the physical body. With the leading illness experienced by humanity at this time being mental illness, healing & regeneration is more than possible.

Silkwood School
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Good Posture At Silkwood School

A wonderful time was had by all as staff and students from Silkwood School acquainted themselves with just how powerful simple body adjustments can be to instantly correct their posture.

Give to Get 2
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Give To Get Healthy

We as a body of people have been trained to believe in what could easily be called the Illustrious Power of Getting. Get fit, get healthy; yet all this getting could be erroneous.

Body Mechanical
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Breathing Mechanics

Looking at the way your body works “simply”, is by far the easiest way to create change. Seeing the workings of the internal organs to that of an internal combustion engine is eye opening.