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Pilgrimage Into Tibet
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

A Pilgrimage Into Tibet

Embarking upon a pilgrimage into Tibet, i was asked by a close friend to share the TriBreath™ techniques to help prepare groups respiratory fitness for the breathing challenges ahead.

Children Running
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Tips for Training Children

Are there any tips for children who run that can be employed to not only maximise benefits of running but also minimise the chances of injury when running for a distance?

Trekking Poles and Body Structure
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

2 Things You Must Know When Choosing Trekking Poles

Choosing Trekking Poles i’m often asked whether i recommend the use of trekking poles on walks and/or when you’re out on long treks whilst using the TriBreath™ breathing rhythms and techniques or not. In short the answer is, “Whatever feels best for you!” There’s no doubt using trekking (walking) poles is a big advantage when […]

Could Sunglasses Be Limiting Your Health
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Can Sunglasses Limit Your Lung Capacity?

What if using something for comfort & protection is actually limiting our health? With so many people using sunglasses to limit the light their eyes are exposed to every time they go outside, there are quite a few concerns to be addressed.

Nose or mouth breathing
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Breathing… Nose or mouth?

Anatomically it just doesn’t work to fill up both the belly region and the lower and upper lung (the chest region) breathing in through the mouth.

TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

How to Restore Nasal Breathing

Mouth breathing is at almost epidemic proportions as are respiratory limitations and illnesses. Yet a simple remedy is but a glass of water away.