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Pilgrimage Into Tibet
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

A Pilgrimage Into Tibet

Embarking upon a pilgrimage into Tibet, i was asked by a close friend to share the TriBreath™ techniques to help prepare groups respiratory fitness for the breathing challenges ahead.

Use Your Arms
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Move Your Arms

If you have to “remember” the days when you could skip and had a “spring” in your step, the chances are very good you don’t experience these joys of movement in your body right now. When did the simple action of walking lightly up a flight of stairs become a mission? The good news is you can say hello and reignite…

TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Breathe and Detox Your Way to Health

As little as it is known, it is your breath that is the biggest mover of metabolic waste from your body above all other channels of excretion. When you think detox, think of your breath to help keep the workings of your body clean!

Could Sunglasses Be Limiting Your Health
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Can Sunglasses Limit Your Lung Capacity?

What if using something for comfort & protection is actually limiting our health? With so many people using sunglasses to limit the light their eyes are exposed to every time they go outside, there are quite a few concerns to be addressed.

TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Your Lungs – More Than A Sac of Air

To say it is very well accepted that the lungs absorb oxygen into the blood stream from the air we breathe in is an understatement. For the lungs are more than just sac’s of air.

Silkwood School
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Good Posture At Silkwood School

A wonderful time was had by all as staff and students from Silkwood School acquainted themselves with just how powerful simple body adjustments can be to instantly correct their posture.

Body Mechanical
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Breathing Mechanics

Looking at the way your body works “simply”, is by far the easiest way to create change. Seeing the workings of the internal organs to that of an internal combustion engine is eye opening.

Empty Cup equals more oxygen
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

How to Get More Oxygen In

“How do I get more oxygen in when I’m a shallow breather?” This is a very common question i am asked when doing talks, classes or presentations. To answer and provide “useful practices”, i always refer to the three TriBreath™ breathing rhythm’s,

Finding Your Diaphragm
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Diaphragm Breathing

The diaphragm is thin muscle that separates the chest region from the abdominal region. And contrary to popular belief, it is the diaphragm that is the main muscle your body uses for breathing, not your lungs!