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TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

How to Build Lung Strength & Digestive Health Using Your Elbows

How you use your elbows when you walk is literally the make it or break it when it comes to lung strength and digestive health as you age.

TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Masks and Exercise

A TriBreather has asked me to share my thoughts on the use of masks when they exercise. Happy to oblige! My response would be there’s two things that i would consider…

Children Running
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Tips for Training Children

Are there any tips for children who run that can be employed to not only maximise benefits of running but also minimise the chances of injury when running for a distance?

Use Your Arms
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Move Your Arms

If you have to “remember” the days when you could skip and had a “spring” in your step, the chances are very good you don’t experience these joys of movement in your body right now. When did the simple action of walking lightly up a flight of stairs become a mission? The good news is you can say hello and reignite…

TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Building Lung Strength

When it comes to building lung strength up and improving your relationship you have with your breath, the effort required is not so much physical but more mental! God forbid… you’re not suggesting i have to think about how i breathe are you? The answer to that is quite simply, yes and no!

Find the Light Within
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Finding the Light Within

As many know and many more are yet to discover, TriBreath™ can be used as a very potent tool to distribute self-generated light. Without going into great detail, (all is available within the TriBreath Teaching Portal) the way we go about this is to use rhythmic breathing and specific mind techniques.

TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Breathe and Detox Your Way to Health

As little as it is known, it is your breath that is the biggest mover of metabolic waste from your body above all other channels of excretion. When you think detox, think of your breath to help keep the workings of your body clean!

Remembering to breathe copy
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Building Breath Memory

One of the biggest challenges we face when on the path of regeneration is in the practice. Practicing TriBreath when you walk and run helps you “remember to breathe” so you give your body more oxygen with less effort.

Could Sunglasses Be Limiting Your Health
TriBreath – Move Easier – Breathe Deeper

Can Sunglasses Limit Your Lung Capacity?

What if using something for comfort & protection is actually limiting our health? With so many people using sunglasses to limit the light their eyes are exposed to every time they go outside, there are quite a few concerns to be addressed.