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Tis reason to be jolly for i am blessed to be the first contributor for the first blog entry on the TriBreath™ teaching portal @tribreath.com

As founder/developer of TriBreath™, if you look at the road that’s already been traveled to get TriBreath™ to where it is now  (an online body sculpting program launched Jan 2016) and embrace all that is still to happen, indeed this is going to be a very interesting journey.

Interesting for a lot of us to not only watch but also contribute to.  Hence the reason why you’ve found yourself here.  

You’re more than likely here because you’re looking for a deeper connection and strength that can only be achieved with awareness of action.

Using the TriBreath™ techniques, you can increase your lung capacity, vitalise and restore your neural connection, build and tone body strength as you elongate and lift your body as you walk.

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Ancient in origin

The TriBreath™ foundations are as ancient as the breath and body are.

With the TriBreath™ breathing rhythm’s already embedded in your body’s program, they’re just waiting to be turned on by you.  And only you can turn you on.

It’s just a wonderful gift we’re given access to… the breath balancing the forces of impact and lifting the body when you’re moving be it walking, running, pushing, pulling.

Being a touch short of my 50th summer on planet Earth, and with the amount of damage i inflicted unknowingly on my body in my youth, the way i move now from where i was, you’d shake you’re head in wonderment.

But it is real and it is true and you/we can all have it!

Build upon your connection

To consciously connect rhythm with body and breath when you walk (or run) puts a whole new experience in your reach and one that changes so many things on so many levels from within you.

Talking of things, i had a phone call from a woman named Jan whom i’ve spoken to many times over the years. “Is TriBreath™ easy to learn?” asked Jan.

As is the loving way, the only way i can reply was with the truth as i believe it to be.

So gently yet solidly i said, “Jan, after having spoken to you many times, i believe it would not be untrue for me to say that the barrage of thoughts that you have shared with me that go on inside your head are not going to let go easily.

The chances are the reason sleep is not restful or satisfying for you, is the stuff that’s going on inside your head during the day hasn’t found the off button for night time.

Quite possibly when you walk or exercise there could be over one hundred thoughts to be thought in under one hundred metres happening in your thought processes.

With that multitude of thoughts continually being created and rehashed and repeated over and over, the more stuff you have the more stuff you have to deal with.

The truth is one could wonder how one finds space and time for you.

The good news is and this is why TriBreath™ can help you enormously.

When you practice TriBreath™ you think about one thing… maintaining your breathing rhythm.

From one hundred thoughts Jan to just one thought… just you, your body and your breath!

A road paved with roses

As with all paths of regeneration and resurrection, though simple most are not easy to achieve.

Based on plenty of observation of both myself and others, the hardest thing most people experience when they’re first learning the TriBreath™ rhythms is slowing down their body!

Most of us breathe so little for the action experienced, because of this oxygen deficiency we’re taught to push the body harder. 

Sounds crazy but unfortunately the “no pain no gain” mentality is ingrained in most of us from a very young age.

It is for this reason why i believe and recommend learning the first of the TriBreath™ breathing rhythms the 3 Step, walking up and down inclines.

Slow the movement of your body down and focus on the…

  • First breath in is a little breath.
  • The second breath in is the biggest breath.
  • Exhale out through your mouth on the one step and don’t move until your exhalation is complete.

Then harmonise the movement of your arms to each and every breath and step you take.

When you first get that fullness of breath from way down deep below and all the way back up again you’ll understand why one of the common utterings people share about TriBreath™ is how the whole concept of walking changes from going for a walk… to GOING FOR A BREATHE!

With that said, welcome to TriBreath!

If you have any queries, please let me know,


Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach




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