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It was mid 2001 high up in the Northern New South Wales mountains of Australia, that i broke my back!

After moving hundreds of tonnes of rocks building retaining walls over many years by bucket or by wheel barrow, i obviously pushed my body too far.

Knowing what i know now i’m not proud of it, but i did what i did!

It was down in the bottom rock pool area where i was constructing dry stone rock walls.

There was a boulder that had fallen into the rock pool many years ago when the land was used for banana production.

And i wanted it out so we could enjoy a really lovely spring fed natural pool.

The property was located miles out from town on the top side of a mountain with no tracks or road to the rock pools.

Hence cranes were not a possibility!

If the Egyptians can do it, so can i.

So what i did was lift the boulder up as best i could with a jimmy bar (a long thick steel pointed bar) and with my leg putting weight on the end of the jimmy bar lifting up the weight of the boulder, i would slide a smaller rock underneath.

Repeat the process around the boulder hundreds of times and up the boulder will go.

But as i found out, the rocks this boulder was sitting on were not solid.

It was just at that moment when the tipping of the boulder onto the solid ledge above took place that my life changed forever!

i’m not sure but something moved in the supporting rocks below and my right foot slipped and down was coming the weight of a boulder upon me.

Not wanting to leave the planet and my body squashed, i was like time stopped and i lifted the full weight of the boulder up onto the solid ledge like lifting a feather.

But within that same moment, an atomic bomb exploded in my lower back, the light shot up my spine and down i went.

With bulging discs, cracked vertebrae and a paralised right leg to boot, things were looking very grim.

Thankfully there was help and in situations like this, the first thought is obviously medical care.

But having helped many people with back injuries over the many decades of treating people, i was familiar with the path this option would lead to.

What to do?

For this sort of breakage, it was surgery if not spinal fusion!

And apart from access to pain killers, that’s all the medical system could offer as that’s what they’re trained to do.

Even though i wasn’t keen for surgery, i knew i had to choose between one of two options!

Go for surgery or practice the faith i have in my body’s healing potential and DO THE WORK!

It was in that moment i decided now was as good a time as ever, to use what i consider the most potent of the spiritual faculties we are all blessed with, the creative imagination.

i knew i could promote some form of neural respiratory connection using the Tribreath rhythm’s, but i still had the physical issue of dislocated and bulging disc’s, let alone the damaged and cracked vertebrae.

So i sought the help of a close family member who was a practiced chiropractor and kinesiologist with many decades of experience.

Being told what had to happen or it’s surgery, this was also the first of three times that i’ve literally passed out due to my inability to consciously deal with the pain.

It’s like when your computer blue screens.

It’s a forced shut down from your body!

Anyway, i know it sounds crazy but it had to be done.

So with a hammer and the cut end of a broom stick, the dislocated discs were isolated and re-positioned as best as could be achieved given the situation and the rest was up to me.


Start softly and proceed with no rush to get anywhere. As with all the Tribreath movements, we embrace feeling first… then work in the tenth’s of millimetres to expand outwardly on the physical level.

Feel the rhythm and find your power

You can do this!

We can all do this!

That’s all your body wants is your connection.

So the next time you’re lying flat on your back, use the 3-STEP to consciously send light throughout your body’s nervous system from your brain down to whatever part of your body is asking, craving, yearning for your attention.

Better yet, become a TriBreath Member and access all of what TriBreath can offer you.

Be there for your body’s transformation!

Power yourself UP and feel the difference!

Get into it 🙂

If you have any questions, let me know!

Wishing you all the best,

Brett 3

Brett Hayes
TriBreath Coach




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