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Once you’re familiar with the video’s in the Foundation Category, you’re up and ready to POWER-UP the TriBreath™ way.

Have a squizz inside…

After learning the TriBreath breathing rhythm’s…

  1. Focus on one or all of the TriBreath™ breathing rhythm’s when you’re walking.
  2. Practice just three of the TriBreath™ movements at different times of the day every week.
  3. Integrate your favourite movements into your everyday life.
  4. And most importantly, when you are practicing the TriBreath movements, focus on timing the movement of your arms up with your breathing rhythm.

Then consider this…

No disease can exist in a oxygenated state.

If your body has any form of dis-ease, it may well be oxygen deficient.

When we become oxygen deficient, our body’s go into a panic and rush about without thinking about the breath.

If we don’t go into rushing about mode, we stagnate and stop moving!

Either way we’re not drawing in the life-giving oxygen the human body so requires.

But when you start to focus on your breath, it’s hard to change old habits.

And one of the hardest habits to change is rushing about and not moving your arms when you walk.

That’s why in the beginning when you’re focusing on your breathing rhythm’s it’s best to slow down the physical movement of your body when you’re walking or running.

By slowing down your body’s movement when you walk, you literally give yourself time to breathe.

For example…

  1. When you slow down your walking pace, use the Little Breath Bigger Breath technique.
  2. Any action that involves you walking or running, STOP and focus on your breath first… then move.
  3. Consciously practice moving your arms and timing your breath up to the movement of your arms.
  4. Focus 50% of your attention on timing the movement of your arms up to each of the 3 TriBreath breathing rhythms.
  5. Focus 25% of your attention on using the Breathing Points of the Spine to lift the body.
  6. Focus 25 % of your attention on feeling each individual foot landing on each and every OUT breath.

Of course if you have any questions, hit reply and let me know.

Wishing you all the best,


Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach




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