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Jean GreenwoodShares Her TriBreath Experience

My name is Jean Greenwood, I am 85 years young when writing this, and I would like to tell you how TriBreath has helped me.

15 years ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and my G.P. suggested medication which I took, and upon making inquiries I then found out what the side effects were or would be and I also had asthma. I felt my whole body disintegrating too young for that to happen!

I told my G.P I was not going to take the medication at which it was suggested I take calcium tablets, I was quite happy to take them until I found some answers.

Over the next 11 years I went searching for answers and as I had been a walker all my life I would start there.

I had climbed Mt. Kosciusko also Mt. Warning, in my younger years, but if the opportunity arose, I would do them again.

I went to different classes, a gym plus a P.T. but I found these were not challenging enough and I was not happy.

So I thought if I am not happy, look for something else.

I was reading the local paper as one does and I saw an article on TriBreath, so I decided to investigate and met Brett who explained to me how TriBreath could help me.

That was the challenge I was looking for.

Writing this now after many years of getting so much enjoyment from the huge variety of body sculpting movements (70 plus) or as Brett would say “tuning my body up to my breath exercises”, I feel blessed.

Where else would you breathe up and down your spine doing The Eagle, The Spire, Wasn’t Me Sir, Isometric Prayer, Shut the Door and so many more favourites all done using the TriBreath breathing rhythm’s of course.

To me TriBreath has really worked a miracle for me.

My next challenge is not to have osteoporosis when I have my next Bone Mineral Densitometry which will be done in 2 years time.

Brett offers us lots of suggestions (which I so value) on the best way or ways to maintain and stay HEALTHY.

Thank you Brett.

Watch Jean at the age of 91 by watching the video below

This is my report from Radiology – dated 17th April 2009.

Since my initial scan of 14/08/2000 there has been an 18.3% long term decrease in the Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD) values in the femoral neck, and 3.4% long term decrease in the lumber spine BMD values.

This is the good news…..

Since the initial scan of 27 March 2007, there has been a 10.7% long-term increase in the BMD values in the femoral neck, and an 8.8% long term increase in the lumber spine BMD values.



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