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Day 2 -TriBreath Workshop 'Isometric Prayer'

How did you go with the 5-Step?

Did you incorporate the 5-Step breathing rhythm into your walk or just get your arms movement in time with your breath?  If you have any questions, please let me know.  If all’s good, let’s move on.

When one understands that vitality is directly proportional to your body’s ability to breathe in, absorb, and distribute oxygen, things change.

You see breath is life and life requires more life to exist!  Yet as all of us will experience, with age the body begins the process of collapse.  Unfortunately, with this collapse so too does lung capacity diminish and with it our ability to breathe in life!  But the thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way!  It certainly doesn’t have to collapse as quickly as it does for so many people.

So to slow down this collapse one must build upon the beginning and that’s one’s life force!  One must build upon the breath!  With regard to your breath or more to the point your lung capacity, it’s all about your ribs and your ribs ability open and release the grip (the cage), that can and does restrict your lungs.  Thus to reverse/slow down this tightening/constriction/collapse of the ribs, one cannot work from the outside in.  One must expand from the inside out!  Just like a balloon!

That’s why deep breathing is so vitally important if your goal is to live life with potency and strength.

Isometric Prayer

Which leads us onto Isometric Prayer and the opening up of your rib cage!

Isometric Prayer is the first of three (3) isometric exercises found with the TriBreath member are that flow on from each other in this isometric sequence.  Isometric Prayer helps strengthen the arms, elongate your neck, separate & tone your shoulders, expand your chest and flatten your tummy.

As always, keep in mind as best you can…

  • Keep your shoulders in the Up, Back and Down position (UBD).
  • Hold your forearms as horizontal as your wrists & shoulders flexibility will allow.
  • On your IN breath, focus on pulling your chin in, pushing your breast bone (sternum) out, as you lift your head up from the back of your skull & lift your spine.
  • On your OUT, squeeze your hands together and use the pressing of your hands together open up your chest from the sides out.


In tomorrow’s lesson we’ll look at improving your ability to “draw the air in” using the Little Breath Bigger Breath technique.  Using this technique is one of the keys to re-building lung capacity and diaphragm strength and helps immensely when you start using the Breathing Points of the Spine and TriBreath exercises found within the member area.

As always, if you have any queries simply reply to this email and i’ll help you as best I can.

With your health & vitality in mind,

Brett Hayes









Brett Hayes
Head TriBreath Coach

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