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Day 3 -TriBreath Workshop 'Little Breath Bigger Breath'

Hello and welcome to the third installment of this workshop.

i wish i could be there with you to see your progress.  As always, if you have any questions just reply to this email and i’ll help you as best i can.

As you know, when starting your TriBreath practice (especially the breathing rhythms), i always recommend moving your arms slowly.  As funny as it sounds, just being conscious of whether your arms are moving or not takes practice.  But it’s time well spent.  Your body generates forward thrust with your arms thus you can access a lot more power with you in control of your arms. 

It also helps to think of your arms as being a respiratory pump!

By moving your arms slowly, you’re forced to slow down the pace of your movement (how fast you walk) so there’s more time for you to breathe.  The unfortunate truth is most of us walk and run way beyond our breath.  With oxygen deficiency being the biggest cause of aging and disease, tis’ best to focus on breathing more and less on haste!  Getting there quickly does a little to your life expectancy or health for that matter.

The Little Breath Bigger Breath technique

Which brings us to our next lesson. Today we’re going to focus on a technique that allows you to stagger your breathing process so you can access greater diaphragm control.  The benefits of greater diaphragm control are many including the ability to reach your lung capacity and expand on this increase, regularly.  The more you practice, the stronger your breath will get!

Called the Little Breath Bigger Breath technique, whether you’re using the 3-Step, 5-Step, or the 7-Step, using this technique will help improve your lung capacity and your filling prowess.  It’ll also help you access the Breathing Points of the Spine.  There’s more on this within the member area.  It may sound like science fiction but the proof of the pudding is in the taste!  Once you feel and sense these spinal respiratory points, not only will your air intake increase, your posture will improve as will your nerve communication. 

As the old adage states, “It’s not what is transmitted; it’s what is received”.  So let’s pull in some air!


In tomorrow’s lesson we’ll again focus on the arms, chest and shoulders but also bring your spine into the game with another of the exercises found within the TriBreath member area, The Cross.  If toned shoulders, stronger arms and a well-shaped chest sounds appealing, let’s get it on!

As always, if you have any queries simply reply to this email and i’ll help you as best I can.

With your health & vitality in mind,


Brett Hayes









Brett Hayes
Head TriBreath Coach

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