Better May Not Be The Best

Whilst listening to the radio about numerous composers who lived at the same time as Beethoven and were all playing in the same musical arenas as Beethoven, the wording used by the radio commentator was interesting.

Interesting in the way it was presented, or more to the point interesting in the way i interpreted the words spoken. My interpretation of the words used was to convey a struggle if not a hard battle for any composer who wasn’t Beethoven.

What was conveyed by said radio commentator may be true of the competitive dog-eat-dog animal nature; that is that being better is better than being lesser mentality; or another way of expressing the same polarisation is the belief that winning is better than losing!  For example…

Let’s say you’re a good tennis player

Jump onto a tennis court with someone who isn’t as skillful with a tennis racket as you are and watch how your game is played.  You don’t exercise your full range of potential movements because if you did your fellow human playing on the other side of the net wouldn’t be able to return the ball, and hence you would have no game to play.

On the other hand play someone who plays “better” than your level of game and your level of playing gets lifted.  You don’t get better by playing people who are lesser in skill.  Of course there’s benefit by simply playing a game that is simply hitting a ball back to each other without any focus on placement or speed.  But that doesn’t get the motor running does it?  It doesn’t get the endorphin’s pumping… you know the feel good kind of magic the body feels when it’s been opened up.

Hence what wasn’t shared or mentioned by the radio commentator for the avid listener to ponder on, was the everyday experience of inspiration and that of being lifted!

Every man/woman has their place

With regard to the other composers, the chances are very good that all of them wouldn’t have made themselves into such fine virtuoso musicians had it not been for the mastery of Beethoven lifting everybody’s game up.

The first requirement of any cell to grow is the sharing of information.  For any consciousness to evolve the first basic function is that of transmission and reception.  Hence one of the biggest thought structures to help any consciousness evolve is to think reception first.

As the impulse of growth is energy, that being the transmission and reception of information, it is the receiving of information that helps build one’s awareness and/or skill levels, and it is through this fruition of reception that ultimately leads to the transmission, or to the ability to transmit, how good one is.

You and i wouldn’t be as grand as we are today is it were not for someone sharing information that previously we did not have access too.

The moral of the story is this.

Praise be to the one who’s mastered skills, grander than you.  Through others sacrifice/service, we all have the choice of reception or what it is to receive so as we can then become greater transmitters!

May we be grateful & walk with peace on the path 🙂


Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach




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