June 7th 2024

Activating Your Centres

The chances are you’ve heard about chakras and energy centres. But honestly, how does knowing about specific energy centres located up and down your body, bring any benefit?


October 22nd 2023

Breath Regeneration

Using the TriBreath breathing rhythm’s you very quickly come to the realisation that there’s more to TriBreath than first meets the eye. Generating & distributing energy is one of the biggy’s.


September 23rd 2023

Breathing Issues & Thirst

When you’re experiencing breathing difficulties, it’s true purely focusing on breathing techniques can be very beneficial if not awesome. But what if that’s not enough?


August 30th 2023

The Law of Lift

It doesn’t happen overnight. But it will happen! That is of course if you don’t do something about it! What I’m talking about is collapse. Or more to the point the physical collapse of your body!


March 6th 2022

Feeling STRESSED? Try this!

When you get good at actually “feeling” and moving deeper into the denser areas of your body that hold your body in heaviness, the lightness you feel can be quite euphoric.


August 8th 2021

What is Wall Work?

Wall Work has one primary function… To return your skeleton to what i call Factory Default Settings (FDS). Why? It’s called pain, discomfort & restriction! If you regularly experience…


October 14th 2018

Building Lung Strength

When it comes to building lung strength up and improving your relationship you have with your breath, the effort required is not so much physical but more mental! God forbid… you’re not suggesting i have to think about how i breathe are you? The answer to that is quite simply, yes and no!


September 6th 2018

Embracing Wall Work

Wall Work is the most restorative and regenerative practice that i’ve invested the most precious of my private properties in… my time. This practice has been very successful for me. No more broken back pain; no more migraine headaches that were recurring regularly at 2 a month if not more.


May 11th 2017

Improving Body Structure

Structural imbalance… can there be a greater cause of immobility? From niggling knee issues to lower back pain. One thing these hindrances all have in common to vital living is structure!