Kickfire Your Digestion

How to Improve Your Digestion

When it comes to digestion or more to the point how to improve your digestion, being aware of the four digestive saliva’s can help a lot.

For it’s not what you eat; it’s what you absorb!  Absorption is the key!

With the human body’s digestive functions not being limited to the acid & alkaline properties found within the stomach (much to the surprise of the many), knowing how to get the best out of what you eat can truly be a life saver.

And it’s all about saliva!

For as little is it known, digestion doesn’t start in the stomach.

The process of digestion starts in your brain first as a thought/impulse and it is this “thought/impulse” energy that initiates “the ignition” of the four fires of digestion.

“Four fires of digestion… never heard of it”, i hear repeated down the corridors of health.

Yet after you watch the video below, you will more than likely agree this knowledge should be taught in schools from the earliest of age.  It’s crazy it’s not!

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So what are the four digestive fires or what is called the digestive saliva’s?

The most commonly known saliva is the saliva produced in the mouth.   Yet there are actually four different kinds of saliva’s produced within your body, and these four when added up together, equate to the some total of your digestive fires.

  1. Saliva 1 the mouth secretes saliva (ptyalin)
  2. Saliva 2 the stomach secretes saliva (pepsin)
  3. Saliva 3 the liver secretes saliva (gall)
  4. Saliva 4 the pancreas secretes saliva (trypsin)

Watch the video and practice awareness at every meal no matter how small the gift is!

For the truth is… It is not what you eat; it’s what you absorb!

Wishing you all the best that vitality and health can offer.

Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach




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