Breathing Mechanics

It’s a fascinating subject, breathing mechanics.  When it comes to your breath, you very quickly discover there’s a lot more than just breathing in and out!

With so many different minds pondering on the very existence of life itself, and so many opinions that can be planted in the brain, it’s no wonder that some of these opinions then germinate in the mind as belief.

One such belief i have encountered on numerous occasions is with regard to the breath, or more to the point the process of breathing mechanics.

As breathing is both voluntary and involuntary (i.e. breathing is controlled by two sets of nerves; one is connected to voluntary nervous system and the other is connected to autonomous nervous system) when one consciously chooses to breathe, lots of internal & external shifts can occur.

Life has a rhythm

Within the ebb and flow of life, there’s always the underlying cycle.  It is the “current” so to speak that creates the movement.  So too with your breath!

There’s so much more to breathing than just the involuntary action of breathing in and out!  That’s where breathing mechanics comes in or what i call “rhythmic breathing” practices come in.  Without a doubt, using rhythmic breathing as your “breathing tide” is the surest way i have found to create, restore and maintain a strong & stable body.

Having experienced a seriously broken body, once you have sight of the repair manual, all becomes apparent with trial and error.

You see what i found within the repair manual was the body being “a self-repairing perfectly designed transportation module” that works in a similar vein to that of a mechanically sound car in good working order that’s fitted with an internal combustion engine.

The big difference between the operating system of the human body and that of an “internal combustion engine“, is your body is organic and conscious and you “the driver” are blessed with the ability to be conscious-of-consciousness.

The internal combustion engine is not organic in the living breathing flesh aspect, and also not conscious-of-consciousness.  It is this power to be ‘conscious-of-consciousness’ that gives us human’s the power of the creator.

If you’re not so sure how your body is basically an organic internal combustion engine, may i suggest you watch the video below and see how some simple analogies can help you grasp the most complex processes in a simple to understand way.

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To live well or not so well

It is not difficult to live in a body that functions very well on many levels. In fact it’s very simple!

It’s just not easy!

The difference between the good and not so good (as to what one achieves), is to see the simplicity of what is required. In all scenario’s, practice being accountable for one’s actions and thoughts and strive to improve. It is this simple accountability that then provides us with the opportunity to experience whatever result one is aiming for.

On the opposite spectrum, to focus and then magnify the perceived intricacies of how the body heals and functions are what i believe erroneous actions.

There’s great power in the Keeping It Simple mentality. Your body knows what to do to regenerate because your body is one with the operating system of life itself!

For example…

If one cuts one’s thumb, one only has to be aware of the actions required in cleansing and protection of the open wound. It is the body that does the healing with no more conscious thought from the dweller within required.

Even when repairing the most damaged body, it’s the same scenario.

It is by seeing the body in its simplest form; that is mechanically… that gives us all the ability to understand the trade of “breathing mechanics”!

Like any engine that burns fuels to create movement and propulsion, the first action is always first and foremost, the supply and equal distribution of oxygen.

Every time you “consciously” invest your thought processes into your breathing process, you connect with the very aspect that feeds life. Oxygen is high-octane fuel for your body and is the most basic requirement for living in a body that is responsive. Just like a car, it’s all about response!

How disconcerting is it when you drive a car and put your foot on the accelerator and nothing really happens because the engine is limited in power?

Same thing with your body! The difference is with your body is it is designed to be limitless and the goal for you the driver is to access and discover your limitlessness.

And it all starts with You, your Body and your Breath!

Let me know if you have any queries 🙂

Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
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