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Day 4 -TriBreath Workshop 'The Cross'

Welcome to Day 4 and another chapter in the regeneration of you.

How are you going so far?  Do you have questions?  If you do let me know… simply reply to this email and i’ll help you as best i can.

Now you have one of the TriBreath  breathing rhythm’s under your belt, you’ve brought in the function of your diaphragm, and you have an idea about how to incorporate both of these aspects into your practice, let’s explore another TriBreath exercise found within the member area called The Cross

As you’ve probably figured, TriBreath is all about improving fitness by building upon lung function and neural communication when you’re walking, running, cycling, paddling etc..  Walking is a wonderful way of promoting blood flow and lymphatic movement so vital for glandular health.  Yet when most of us walk, that’s all we do.  We walk!  Well as you’ve discovered in Isometric Prayer, there’s more gifts to be received when you’re out walking. 

So in today’s lesson you’ll learn how to elongate and extend your spine as you strengthen your arms & shoulders when you walk!

The Cross

  • Using the 5 Step breathing rhythm when you’re walking, slow your body right down.
  • Keep your shoulders in the Up, Back and Down position (UBD). 
  • On an IN breath,  lift your hands up to shoulder height from your sides.
  • On your OUT breath, pull your wrists back and extend your arms straight out to their extendable limit to your sides, WITHOUT LIFTING YOUR SHOULDERS!

This alone can take some practice because the idea is to only extend your arms to their limit with your shoulders maintaining the UBD position.  If the UBD position of your shoulders is maintained, you’ll notice the arms don’t fully straighten.  It’s the awareness of your arms lock point, felt in the elbow crease that is the key to getting the most out of the Cross.  

This “lock in the elbow” can be used to great advantage in that it helps you automatically pull your chin in as you lift your head up from the back of your skull.  From this position you can project your sternum forward as you draw your elbows back almost forcing your body to extend the spine as you’re lifted from your back and nape of your neck.

Use the Little Breath Bigger Breath technique and visualise your spine being a vertical post with your shoulders & arms being horizontal beams that extend out to your sides.  With your breath say to yourself IN, two, three, OUT two as you lift and relax into the exercise.  There’s no reason to use excessive force and bring in more muscle tension.  Focus on your breath and relax. 

When your muscle starts to fatigue, have a go at moving straight into Isometric Prayer for a bit!  Breathe!  Pull the air in!  When the fatigue builds again simply return your arms to the action of walking and focus on pulling your elbows back.

As a little note, when you practice the Cross and extend the hands outward from your palms, work in the tenths of millimetres.  Feel where the lock is in the elbow and allow the tension and tightness to dissipate on every IN breath and OUT breath.

Which will then lead us to the last installment of this TriBreath introduction course.  In tomorrow’s lesson, we’ll have a go at strengthening the very muscle that does the majority pushing and pulling of air in and out of your body, and is the biggest of the respiratory muscles… your diaphragm. 

Keep in mind it is a reasonably advanced exercise but that’s why you’re here… to advance.  With practice, what was once considered difficult can be achieved with ease.  It is the knowledge that vitality & fitness can be more readily accessed without the old “no pain no gain” mentality

Be kind to your body… it’s the only one you have 🙂

As always, if you have any queries simply reply to this email and i’ll help you as best I can.

With your health & vitality in mind,


Brett Hayes









Brett Hayes
Head TriBreath Coach

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