What is Wall Work?

Wall Work has one primary function…

To return your skeleton to what i call Factory Default Settings (FDS).


i knew it as pain, discomfort & restriction!

If you regularly experience…

  1. Headaches
  2. Migraine
  3. Neck pain
  4. Shoulder pain
  5. Frozen shoulder
  6. Restricted breathing
  7. Hip  pain
  8. Back ache

Then Wall Work is definitely worth your time investment!

Why the wall?

Wall Work is the practice of returning the body to where there is perfect skeletal alignment (FDS).

We achieve this by using the least amount of energy to relax stored charge and tension that is held in the body’s muscle.

The wall is used to bring awareness as to where the body is twisted, compacted, compressed. 

It’s a power we all can access and so simple.

Its just not easy but worth the investment.

Life changing energy!

Your body is a body of energy and electricity.

As with all electrical apparatus, for your body to experience optimal health and vitality, the first requirement is an unimpeded flow of energy and electricity.

Yes it’s all about the flow of information!

If your brains ability to transmit and receive information to and from every part of your body is even somewhat compromised, your body is going to experience this deficiency and loss of connection.

We call this loss of connection pain, disease, aches, stress, tension, strain, pressure and the list goes on.

Imagine your nervous system is like a very advanced organic form of fibre optics and is the highway your body uses for this flow of information.

With your nervous system being housed in your spine and branching out, when you look at it as a whole, your spine is one big energy distribution tower.


Wall Work Nervous


The Wall Work positions

Though the techniques remain the same, there are four Wall Work positions that you can use to return FDS… that is perfect skeletal alignment.

  1. Sitting position
  2. Standing position
  3. Crossed legs position
  4. Floor position

These positions each address different aspects of our body’s collapse.

But within each position there can be sub-positions that again achieve different results.

For instance…

Sitting position has three major sub-positions…

  1. Resting position
  2. Throne position
  3. Chair position

Crossed legs position has three major sub-positions…

  1. Left heel leads
  2. Right heel leads
  3. Lotus

Each addresses various aspects of your body’s structural return to FDS.

Is any equipment required?

For Sitting, Standing and Cross legged position a flat wall is necessary!

When you’re in Floor position the floor actually is your wall but more on that later.

i always recommend starting your Wall Work practice in Sitting position.

You’ll need a flat wall, a bench or backless chair with a flat seat.


You want your sit bones and pubic bone sitting flat.

A lot of people use two besser bricks standing on each end and a plank or wood about 700mm long x 250mm wide x 25mm thick until they get themselves a bench.

Wall Work Bench height

So long as your bottom is 100% supported and the top of your thighs and your shins are as close to 45 degrees (right angles) as possible, you’re good to go!

i do advise that when you practice Wall Work, do it in a warm to hot, draft free area.

The warmer you are the better!

As always, stay hydrated.

Why is a wall required?

As with everything in nature it’s all about right time, right place. Structural alignment!

The wall is your mirror except you don’t look with your eyes, you feel where your body is with the wall.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, i can say with 99.999% certainty, your body is already so twisted and out of perfect alignment, once you know it rediculous!

It’s bent, it’s compacted, it’s restricted!

How i functioned before finding Wall Work is beyond me.

Unfortunately it’s nigh impossible for us to see the true picture of where our bodies are at because we are the picture.

We don’t know what we don’t know!

By using a wall, a reflective picture of how and where your skeletal structure is sitting so you can physically feel your muscle restriction and relax it.

With practice you’ll be able to ascertain whether…

  1. Your pelvis is in alignment with your shoulders?
  2. Do your sit bones and pubic bone align up with your skull and jaw bone?
  3. The base of your skull is in alignment with your atlas (C1) and axis (C2) vertebrae.
  4. What side and where your jaw has compressed to compensate for the way your head sits in your shoulders.

And again the list goes on!

Using a wall gives you an idea of where your skeleton is compacted so you can feel where your body is being held.

As you build mind connection with your body, you can mentally direct and focus your thoughts to relax spasmed muscle, tissue and sinew, thus dissipating the electrical charge holding your muscle in tension and forcing your skeleton to be out of whack.

As your awareness (or what really is your ability to fill your body up with your awareness improves), the easier it gets for you to discharge blocked electrical energy (anywhere where pain and compaction is felt) thus releasing the shackles that were holding your skeletons ability to return to Factory Default Settings (FDS).

How does Wall Work work?

As you probably already know, your spine is made up of multiple vertebrae that house and protect your spinal nerve.

If any of these vertebrae are out of alignment, even slightly, this misalignment is called a subluxation.

The term subluxation is very pertinent, because it just so happens that the way we measure light is in lux energy.

For example… If you want to lift your leg your brain transmits a signal (information) using the nervous to transmit and receive.

As the spinal nerve is housed within your vertebrae, if any vertebrae are out of whack (your vertebrae are in a state of subluxation), however slight the pressure on your spinal nerve may be because the bones out of place, your body’s ability to transmit and receive light energy has already been compromised.

Because our body is vitalised with light, we may feel this ‘light deficiency’ as…

  1. Restricted movement of the leg.
  2. Muscle tension/tightness being felt in the leg.
  3. Pain in the joints, hip or muscles of the leg.

Wall Work is so beneficial to the operating system of your body because Wall Work helps your spine return to its original factory default alignment so there’s less subluxations.

Less subluxations is less resistance and less resistance optimises transmission and reception.

And this is where the penny drops!

Your skeleton re-aligns, not by force, but by relaxation.

How i stumbled upon Wall Work

Unfortunately from my late teens after a savage neck injury i experienced in a football game (i was a silly young man who thought he was unbreakable) i experienced regular headaches that as the decades passed evolved into migraines.

And so did the intensity!

From every couple of months to one every six weeks or so.

Then they started recurring every couple of weeks with ferocity.

Could it get any worse?


Then i broke my back!

It was midway through 2001 that i broke my back (i was 35).

Having a boulder compress you like a sponge certainly added to the pain (excruciating pain) i was periodically experiencing in my neck and headaches.

Believe me you can only take so many pain killers to either dumb the pain or knock yourself out.

Apart from using pain killers, chiropractic care certainly gave me moments of reprieve.

Acupuncture worked a bit, acupressure worked a treat.

But as sure as the sun comes up in the morning, so would the migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain and lower back pain return.

The bringing of the dawn

At the age 45 in the year 2011, though physically impaired and still very vulnerable i started thinking about doing things differently.

My thoughts changed about my body as did my relationship with my body.

So rather than focus on holding my body in positions that i thought aligned my body, i changed direction.

i bought a rock sauna thinking it would help my body melt away some of the calcification that was limiting the movement of my spine and joints.

And rather than holding my body upright as though i was already fixed and at the destination where i wanted to be (that all previous yoga teaches had and have suggested), i allowed my body to go into the collapse.

i started to wholly focus the direction of my thoughts on where my skeletal structure was, not where i wanted it to be.

But i did start imagining my skeleton was in perfect alignment, even though the reality was, my body was in a collapsed, compressed and constricted condition.

Wall Work Skeleton

i started seeing in my mind…

  1. My chin being pulled in and my head being effortlessly lifted up from the back of my skull.
  2. My shoulders were broad, my lungs expansive and my clavicles were squarely aligned with my sternum.
  3. The weight of my upper torso was being equally distributed between the two sit bones and my pubic bone.

And i felt my body’s pain.

i relaxed my body and i said sorry to my body!

It was not my intention to damage my body so.

i’m sure the compressive nature and forces of gravity don’t help our situation, but there’s certainly no reason for me to add to my body’s burden.

What did i experience?

In the beginning it was all about my neck being in constant pain and the headaches.

So i focused my attention on the left hand side of my neck where the burning pain about the size of a twenty cent piece was located (i remember that point being the area that i damaged in the football game in my teens).

Then once i found some form of mental connection to the point, as best i could i just tried to relax the area.

Suddenly without any thought on my side, the pain and discomfort would suddenly start moving.

The more time i invested in relaxing and feeling by body’s burdens, and using the wall to reflect where my spine, shoulders and hips were twisted, the more my body moved.

Eventually i could focus on the burning white sabre that felt as though it was searing the flesh off my left hand side shoulder that had been giving me grief again for decades.

So i would focus whereever the pain was, say sorry to my body and relax my shoulder as best i could.

Then something miraculous happened!

My rib caged cracked and a couple of the neck vertebrae moved.

My body moved without me moving it!

And it felt good!

Something released and i felt lighter in my neck and shoulder.

Moving ahead ten years

What a difference!

i have a seriously functioning body!

The year is 2021 and i haven’t had a headache or migraine for over 18 months.

Even 3 or 4 years ago when an ache did come calling (i always felt it coming on from my neck), i had it done and dusted sometimes in under 8 hours.

Not the usual 2 – 3 days of pain followed by the 4 – 6 day recovery!

  1. i haven’t had any serious back pain for over 3 years.
  2. i can dig trenches, i can lift rocks!
  3. i can whipper-snip, garden and maintain steep mountain slopes.
  4. If i fall over when i whipper-snip, garden and maintain steep mountain slopes, the fear about the pain i’m about to endure has gone.
  5. As has the pain!

For me it’s a miracle.

For my wife it’s a burden lifted that could have been for life… and i was the burden!

And i couldn’t have done it without the wall.

No doubt!

You need the physical reflection.

Over the 10 years i’ve been practicing Wall Work, many techniques developed that had i known these techniques, i have no doubt i could have achieved what has taken me 10 years in less than half that time.

But you don’t know what you don’t know.

Suffice to say the freedom and connection available to everyone by design is quite addictive to say the least.

It is now my mission to share with you everything that i have learnt in these Wall Work sessions so you can have the same results.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach



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