Your Lungs – More Than A Sac of Air

It is well accepted that your lungs absorb oxygen from the air you breathe!

This process that the lungs being a sac full of blood that absorb oxygen from the air you breathe in is now taught in schools from an early age.

To say that the health of your lungs play a major role in the health of your body from the smallest most miniature cell, to what is made up of these cells in a discernible physical way, the big muscles and organs of the human body is an understatement.

You see your lungs are more than just a sac of blood designed to absorb oxygen!  Yes there’s more to your lungs that meets the eye so to speak.

For long has it been known, particularly within Chinese medicinal lore, that each organ has a dual relationship with another organ, and all of these relationships when homogenised together make up the body called the vital organs.  Vital because the health of each organ is an absolute necessity to you living a healthy vibrant existence within the body!

In this case the lungs polar opposite is the large intestine and even the intestine has more than one function other than the excretion of waste.  For instance it is within the large intestine that the production of vitamin B is produced through the synthesis of bacteria’s.  The organic body that all living beings exist in is true truly remarkable.

Blood is life

There’s an ancient adage that states, “Blood is life!”

And this is true of all colloidal based organisms.  The word colloid comes from a Greek word meaning glue.  It means an attractive link between the psychic nature and the physiological organism. From the atom: to the molecule: to the colloid.  If you looked at an atom under a microscope, it would be a thousand times larger than a colloid.

For the health of your body fully depends upon the health of your blood.  In fact the only health regimes that make any difference are those actions and implementations that build oxygenated, nourished and hydrated blood.

Which returns us to the beginning of the lungs role and why breathing is the most powerful way of bringing in and re-cementing the nutrient called vitality and health back into a lethargic body.

The actions of breathing are more than just breathing in and breathing out.  There’s…

  1. Pulling the air down deep into the diaphragm and pulling the air up to the top of your lungs.
  2. The lifting of your body using the ‘Breathing Points of the Spine’ (video instruction can be found within the TriBreath™ members area).
  3. The use of TriBreath™ breathing rhythms and techniques (again in the members area) to bring balance to the physical body’s left and right hand sides.
  4. The awareness of your posture and a willingness to practice this awareness and do something about it.

All of these actions you can choose to implement or not are at your disposal which when brought together help your lungs do what they do best. BUILD BLOOD!

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Seeing is believing

Yes the absorption of oxygen is only one of the many roles the lungs play and this is something the ancient scripts have shared with us for eons.

In the ancient scripts it is written, “In the beginning the Creator breathed Spirit into the nostrils of man.”

It’s repeated in nearly every religious text shared to humanity over the eons just expressed in different ways.  Because for you to be “spirited” and exude a strong spirit, one must have vibrant, spirited blood, and what has simply been text to read trough the ages has now been seen and proved true by science.

For as you can see, there’s more to the lungs than meets the eye!

Let me know if you have any queries 🙂

Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
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