Aging With Eyes Open

The more i “watch and sit” in the body known as Brett John Hayes, the more i recognise there’s so much more to the human body than what i have previously been taught or thought for that matter.

What i’ve observed is, what i believed to be true in a “general” sense wasn’t that true at all.  In fact when it comes to the resurrection and regeneration of the human body, what is generally believed to be correct isn’t “correct” on so many levels it’s rediculous.

Aging is a classic example!

Imagine from the day you were born and grew into an adult, every human being you spoke to confirmed in your consciousness that a human’s life span was around 200.  That’s right! 200 years old!

Not the average age of death of 65 – 70 years old, but almost three times the average!  Think about it.  We are what think… we are what we believe!

If you believe you have no chance whatsoever of achieving the goal at hand you’re thinking about, it’s more than likely the chances of you achieving your goal are very slim indeed.

Made from star dust

Like all matter on Earth, the human body is made up of multiple elements derived from the Earth.  It is the truth about this ingredient list that can give us further insight to what could be called “a higher truth”.  Living to a hundred years for a human body is considered a milestone, yet the Earth still lives!

If you and i are made from the same stuff the Earth is, doesn’t it make sense that there is a very real possibility that we can also maintain life for longer?

i read in an ancient text that the Soul of the Earth was indeed a human like you and i who lifted Her consciousness up to such a high level that she was able to incarnate as a planet.  From where i sit, that’s impressive!

So the question must be asked!  Is it our thinking that limits our life-span?

Or is it what “we see” our body’s as being with regard to our level of “awareness/connection/consciousness” of our body?

Take for instance the concept of “breatharianism”.

A breatharian life style is a practice where the only perceived requirement for living is the breath and i believe this concept has merit.  i’ve seen it in my thoughts, in my mind to be true!  The difficulty i perceive about “maintaining a breatharian life style” is how one can hold a high level of frequency exchange for a continued period of time (like years not days).

In this day and age i have no idea how you could hold this heightened frequency and still remain in communication, participation and connection with other people and beings on the planet not resonating on the same heightened wave-length!  But once you’ve seen the possibilities and touched the frequency thus experiencing the feeling/sound/tone of that heightened energy, you recognise there’s a lot more going on within the body than what we’re readily aware of.

It’s said rhythm is life

Take for instance when you first start practicing the TriBreath™ techniques and start implementing the TriBreath™ breathing rhythm’s.  It’s a bit of a “mind buzz”.

When you first “consciously” experience…

  1. slowing down your body to a walking pace (like crawl pace)
  2. as you focus on timing each breath you take (be it an IN breath or an OUT breath) with each foot that is landing
  3. whilst at the same time connecting the same side elbow being pulled back and lifting your head up from the back of your skull,

one becomes acutely aware of their balance (and in most cases the serious lack of balance) and the lack of coordination between the two sides (left & right) of the body.

Yet most of us believe we know how to walk!

Unfortunately as the body ages, most people’s spines are so compressed and they’re carrying so many injuries the action they know as walking in reality is called limping.  Because vision outside of the box is limited, the only way they would know they were more “limping” is if someone videoed them in action so they could see their form.

Then consider…

  1. with compromised neural function (a compressed spine)
  2. and small cumulative injuries,

how they walk could well be in direct opposition to “how” the body is designed to walk.

As we are unaware of the grander truth (our lack of awareness of body/skeletal structure), we blame ageing!

Yet the reality is nothing could be further from the truth.  The difference you can experience in your movement and how you move when you apply knowledge, awareness and practice is literally beyond belief until you experience a higher way!

The reality is there’s so much more to the human movement we call walking than is commonly known.  Again it all comes down to skeletal alignment and function!

So many people believe they’re doing the right thing for their body when they exercise.

Unfortunately the reality is for the vast majority of people who regularly exercise, how they’re exercising could well be causing further damage to their body and accelerating the demise of their body on both a structural and neural level.

Know this to be true!

  1. The human body and all organic life for that matter, is only as potent as the body’s ability is to transmit and receive information.
  2. In the case of you and me, our nervous system is the vehicle for this electrical communication and our spine is the “house” that holds and distributes this electrical information.

Your mental awareness of “how you breathe”, with “how you hold your body”, with “how to move your body” stimulates and ignites neural communication.

  1. Communication builds connection
  2. Connection creates cooperation!

The goal for everyone who wishes to maintain their mobility and fluidity as they age is to maintain the balanced distribution of force between two sides of the body (left & right) and to maintain and promote neural communication.

And it all starts with the balanced breath and an improved mental perspective!

Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach




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