Give To Get Healthy

More faith less fear!  It’s a world of polarity we live in.  Most of us believe we must “get healthy!”

But what if the polar opposite is true?

What if we must first “give” to get healthy?

If you are experiencing illness, the ultimate goal is obviously to get healthy.  How do you achieve health?

You give your body nutrients (oxygen is your body’s most vital nutrient) and rest!

If you’re overly hot, chances are you’ll wish to cool down.  How do you achieve a different internal temperature?

You give your body fluids and rest!

Same thing with your breath!

After an exhalation (you’ve released the spent air in your lungs) the desire that follows is to get more air in and inhale, rest… and breathe out.

You see for one to get, one must first give!

The polar extremes are exactly that… opposites.

Most of us focus so much energy and thought into breathing in, that we forget the moral of the Empty Cup.

It’s the empty cup that can be filled the most.

Hence when you focus your thoughts on emptying your lungs first (your OUT breath… the exhalation) you give yourself the ability to get more air in.

We as a body of people have been trained to believe in what could easily be called the “Illustrious Power of Getting”.  Get fit, get healthy, get those marks, get that job, get that promotion, get that fame, get rid of this and get rid of that etc..

Yet the truth is, all of this getting is erroneous until such time that the true essence of growth is both recognised and actioned upon.

Take for instance health!

To say i’ve been given some wonderful experiences that at the time were labelled as tragedies with great hardships to follow is an understatement.  My body has been hours away from death due to blood poisoning or what is called septicemia, while i floated above my body in effortless flight.

i’ve also been blessed to have broken my back and experienced ridiculous pain plus paralysis.

To say these were very tough times is true with the negative effects of these challenges being physically, mentally and emotionally felt for decades.  Yet the truth is, all that i have experienced has been a blessing!

True, it’s only in the last couple of years that the negative effects of these challenges started to and have now lost traction.

So what changed?

First of all my thinking!  My thoughts changed from what i had been taught to get healthy into doing something quite the opposite.

i continued the work of becoming more aware of my physical & mental body’s (for which i am eternally grateful for TriBreath™ and the awareness it builds), but more to the point honing in onto where the “charge” was being held in my body.

i started doing things not for what i was going to get but more for what i could give to my body and everything changed. In fact i didn’t even see the changes that were happening to my body; it all just appeared and happened without my conscious awareness.

It’s like the “wheel of disintegrations” hold it had over me slowed down to the point where the wheel of regeneration gained traction, took over and started spinning in the opposite direction and i haven’t looked back.

In the video below i share some of my, what can only be called awakenings.  The thinking of giving is without doubt the happiest road to the getting i’ve discovered!

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It all starts with your breath!

Being aware of how you breathe when you’re moving your body is the first step.

Using your breath in the way the body was designed (based on the Law of Polarity) as you move is the big one to implement into your consciousness.

Your body is designed in a particular way and when you shift your consciousness into being both the observer and the driver of your body, with your breath being the beginning and the end, everything changes. The first hurdle to move through is the recognition and starting.

One step at a time i would suggest…

  1. Practice moving your arms really slow using the 3-Step breathing rhythm.
  1. Then practice walking really slow using the 3-Step breathing rhythm.
  1. Then on your OUT breath, practice feeling the sole of the foot that lands on the earth.

Give yourself more time into being aware of your body, it’s a wonderful journey 🙂

Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach




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