Good Posture At Silkwood School

A wonderful time was had by all as staff and students from Silkwood School acquainted themselves with just how powerful simple body adjustments can be to instantly correct and maintain good posture.

The difference was amazing to witness.  Imagine having this sort of knowledge from such a young age!!!

These young men and women were so open to accessing their potential with their eyes and faces saying it all.

A big thank you to Kalindi Brennen and Silkwood School for giving everyone the opportunity to learn and be of service.  i feel very blessed 🙂


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Introduction to why good posture improves mobility, respiration (breathing) and health!


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When asked why good posture is important to maintain vitality of the human body, some of the answers offered were both clever and amusing 🙂


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By simply holding your shoulders Up, Back and Down with the Thumbs Pointing Forward (TPF) position, one can instantly witness the positive effects this practice has upon the posture.


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Finding the lung points that are found just below the clavicle and in between the pectoral and deltoid muscles.


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How you use your elbows when walking and running has the second biggest impact on your posture.


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Rotating your shoulder muscles (deltoids) back and pressing your sternum (breast bone) forward whilst pulling your chin in & lifting your head from the back of your skull opens your thoracic cage allowing greater expansion of your intercostal muscles (the muscles in between your ribs) thereby promoting better breath.


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It was a wonderful experience to see so many young minds open and willing to explore the possibilities having a body offers.


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Better Posture, Better Breath, Happy Humans 🙂

If your local school is in need of some posture enhancement, please Contact me.

Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
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