Good Posture In 4 Seconds

The secret to achieving and maintaining good posture in four seconds and under (no matter what your age), is as simple as Up, Back, Down and Point!

If every man, woman and child learnt the TriBreath™ Shoulders Up, Back and Down and Point your thumbs in the direction your going technique, the 4 seconds it takes to complete this movement (once you know how), every man, woman and child’s posture would be instantly upright.

And the good news is… it’s anatomically impossible for you to fail.

The benefits an upright posture provides is not limited to the physical body alone.  There’s a lot more going on!

Energetically, it’s like the one who holds themselves in an upright relaxed manner, transmits an energy of self-awareness and confidence.

Likewise the one who observes the one holding themselves upright notices something different about the human they’re watching.  It’s a look that is very attractive that could almost be described as noble.

To say no human can truly experience their potential when their body is living in a slump would be hard-pressed to prove untrue!

Especially when you consider the forces that are imposed upon the human frame (skeleton included) are numerous.  These forces can press upon and constrict growth and may be felt on many levels, mentally and physically included.

For instance…

  1. Negative thoughts can bring one down (mental)
  2. The forces of gravity can hinder body expansion (physical)

So from the ground up we shall build!

To re-establish and maintain mobility and nobility of your body, you first have to start on your skeletal frame, your skeleton!

The reason being…

  1. Every single muscle in your body depends upon the structural integrity of your skeleton.
  2. The maintenance of correct posture is so vital for health on so many levels it’s staggering. From the ability to draw in and release life-giving oxygen to digestion to brute physical strength.
  3. The correct alignment of your skeletal structure is vital to the health and potency of your nervous system.  It’s not only what signals are transmitted from your brain, it’s the potency of signal received by your body’s muscles, tissue and organs!
  4. Right up to the highest of highs and probably the most important of all… how you hold yourself impacts the way you feel about yourself and the way other people relate to you.
  5. Feeling good about yourself matters.

The video below will teach you how to maintain an upright posture in 4 seconds.

Yes that’s right… 4 seconds is all it takes to feel better.

So let’s start with a better posture and the correct use of your Thumbs.

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P.S. After you’ve watched The Thumbs video i do have a little request. The request is simply for you to go to a mirror and take off your shirt (and bra if you’re a lady) and practice the Thumbs technique so you can see for yourself. The more you do it throughout the day, the quicker your body will remember its Factory Default Setting (FDS) and return it-self to the most perfect you on a structural level.

Hoping this finds you in good health and spirit,

Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach




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