What is Fitness?

Fitness in the sense of the word can be many things.

i.e. Fit to live life, fit to hold office, fit to go, fit to run! 

The one thing that ALL of these fitness possibilities/potentials rely upon, is your body’s health and its ability to ABSORB and DISTRIBUTE oxygen.

Hence how much life you can experience, ultimately depends upon the hydration & nourishment of the cells of your body and how much air (oxygen) you can breathe in… and how much spent air you can breathe out!

Always remember your body uses blood to transport the oxygen you’ve breathed in to the farthest reaches of your extremities.  It is oxygen-nutrition rich blood that builds and repairs all of the tissue that makes up your body.

Recognising this then fitness could also be defined as the health of the blood.

For it is said in the ancient chronicles that blood is LIFE!

Looking at the ingredient list of blood, blood is made of up of billions of living blood cells all requiring oxygen to maintain vitality floating around in a liquid called plasma.

And guess what?

  1. This liquid called plasma is primarily made up of water. About 95% water in fact!
  2. The other 5% is made up of dissolved goodies including salts.

As the very first requirement of any form of fitness is oxygen, and this transportation of oxygen depends upon the health of the blood, and blood is primarily made of water, then fitness is not only the ability to breathe in and out deeply, fitness could also be your body’s ability to maintain fluidity… that is hydration at the cellular level.

Hence why any movement towards fitness will only ever be successful, if the body’s first cardio workout is the regular…

  1. lifting of a glass of water to the lips
  2. feeding the body lot’s of RAW fruit and veggies
  3. and focused awareness of your breath with the movement of your body.

Your breath and how you breathe particularly when you’re moving your body be it walking, running, carrying etc. is where primarily we all need to train ourselves to do if living vitally as we age is our goal.  As i’ve always shared… 

It’s not how fast or far you can run
It’s the depth of your breath that matters!


Classic hey 🙂

Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach




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