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Day 5 -TriBreath Workshop 'Posture Pose'

Alas we have come to the final chapter in this 5 Day Workshop.

If you haven’t already ventured into the member area, all that you have received in this introduction course with associated PDF’s and supplementary video’s/information can be readily found within.

To finish this course, i would like to introduce you to a much loved favourite in the TriBreath movements… Posture Pose!

Posture Pose

As the name implies, Posture Pose is a movement that promotes good posture and helps strengthen and restore pelvic stability.  The big thing to remember when in Posture Pose mode, is to continually focus on relaxing your fingers, shoulders and chest.  As your shoulders and chest release, your chin can be pulled in and your head lifted from the back of your skull up.

Whether you’re using the 3-Step, the 5-Step, or the 7-Step breathing rhythm’s, Posture Pose can be easily incorporated into your daily walk.

Points to remember

  • Keep your hands at least one inch (25mm) away from the back of your skull.
  • Relax your fingers… soft hands! Tensing & clenching your hands and fingers together will only create unnecessary tension in your neck & shoulders.
  • Pull your elbows back without using muscle force. Again, keep it soft! Only go to where your muscle will allow while you maintain a relaxed disposition.
  • Pull your chin in.
  • Lift yourself up from the back of your skull.
  • Squeeze your belly in on your OUT breath.

The Wheel of Regeneration

To close out this course, it is my earnest wish that i share with you (with regard to regeneration) the importance of structure.  The only way to regenerate you is to enlighten and enliven your nervous system… your electrical circuitry.  By using your breath to tune your body up to a higher force, reception builds making it easier for you to recognise and familiarise yourself with you (your body, your feeling, your thoughts).  This self-awareness on so many levels expands consciousness.  And when consciousness expands, so too does the Wheel of Regeneration gain traction. 

But the only way the Wheel of Regeneration can gain traction is if the Wheel of Disintegration is recognised, addressed and slowed down.  That’s why you focus on what gives you most life… your breath.  Your breath comes first then your physical movement. 

With nearly every exercise found within the TriBreath member area able to be practiced when you’re outside enjoying a walk (or in the privacy of your own home), massive growth and momentum in awareness can be readily experienced in your own time and a time that suits you.

Whether you’re looking for greater fitness, lung capacity, or recovering from illness or injury, TriBreath is a wonderful practice!  Using both breath & mind, great advancements can also be received using TriBreath where neurological challenges are being experienced such as in the case of stroke and nerve impediment.

A little history

In around the year 2001, i broke my back and was in a world of trouble.  Fifteen or so years later, with no pain in my back and experiencing the mobility & strength i had when in my early twenties, there is no doubt, it wouldn’t have been possible without the TriBreath techniques.  It’s how the body is designed!

You see when i was lying flat on my back for all those months unable to physically move, my mind was very active.  i used the 3-Step to stitch up my spine like a sewing machine.  Up and down i would stitch my back and spine up (just like a sewing machine) turning what was considered a life-long no-go situation, into the greatest gift and it all starts with the breath!

Using the mind to distribute the light from my head down and around the body returned my mobility.  From massive nerve and bone injury, within 18 months i was running again… not running very fast or far, but running!

To say it’s exciting times is an understatement.

Jump aboard… in the months and years to come you’ll be very glad you did.  It’s like jumping into the drivers seat!

If you have any questions or if i can be of greater assistance, let me know.

With your health & vitality in mind,

Brett Hayes









Brett Hayes
Head TriBreath Coach

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