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Whether you live in the outback, the suburbs, the city or right out there in the arctic circle, mental health is without a doubt the make or break of a happy contented and fulfilled life.

For the truth is, right thinking goes hand-in-hand with both optimal physical and emotional health as well as a sound uplifted spiritual disposition.

To get my head around the importance of right thinking, i started thinking about the way i was thinking this way…

Just like the way i breathe can either vitalise my body or de-vitalise my body (same thing goes with the foods and liquids i consume), so too can the way i think vitalise or de-vitalise my body.

Over the years, one of my favourite mantra’s i’ve sung in my head many thousands of times when those unhelpful thoughts can be heard within is, “i am one with life, i am holy“.

My goal was and still is to replace destructive thoughts into thoughts of virtue and productive purpose.  Over and over i have sung it to myself for many decades and its worked a treat for me.

To the best of my knowledge, ‘i am one with life, i am holy’ is the English translation of the Buddhist mantra ‘Om mani padme hum’.

It has been and still is the stabilising of my thoughts from the plethora of doom and gloom messages repeatedly transmitted across the globe and essentially of no benefit to anyone (whose goal is upliftment and empowerment), into constructive, helpful and kinder thoughts.  This regular practice has literally kept the smile on my dial real and kept my ability to serve strong!

In this podcast episode, Aaron Schultz (host of the Outback Mind) and i have a chat to explore possibilities and tips that can help guide even the most stable of minds to better states of being.

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