Building Breath Memory

How much time during your waking hours do you forget to breathe?

Or more to the point, how often do you hold your breath and how often do you “remember” to breathe?

Breath memory is an interesting subject partly because the answer can be obscured because of a universal doctrine, “you don’t know what you don’t know!”

Until such time that you realise you are holding your breath and forgetting to breathe throughout the day (which unfortunately appears the length of time extends for longer periods as you age), an a conscious level, nothing gets registered.  So the first matter to be addressed in the registering is the remembering! 

It’s the remembering to breathe that changes everything! 

As those who know readily share, when the breathing habit regains traction in your life something quite wonderful is ignited.  It’s like when the dust clears and you can see clearly again, it’s blatantly obvious it’s best to focus on your breath first and your movement second.

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Using rhythm to help breath memory

Breath is life and remembering to breathe is the same as remembering to live.  Luckily, as little is it known, there’s a gift pre-built into your body from the beginning of days just waiting to be opened that helps slow down this natural process of less breath and it’s called rhythm.  Looking at nature, one needs only to look at the many benefits we all receive from the rhythm’s of the tides, the days, the seasons.

When you harness rhythmic breathing (the TriBreath™ breathing rhythm’s) and hone your energy distribution techniques, miraculously you find there’s plenty of time to breathe.  Even sitting at a desk after you’ve practiced the TriBreath™ techniques after a walk or run at lunch time, the internal respiratory rhythm is still spinning and has momentum.  This momentum helps the mind remain focused on the breath as if you were still walking or running yet you’re sitting at a desk. 

Like the old adage states, “If you want to live longer, breathe more!”

Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach




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