Breathe & Detox Your Way to Health

What does it mean to breathe and detox?  With breathing, water, exercise, sunshine and nourishment being the staple ingredients for vitality and health, how is it that breathing alone can help your body cleanse itself?

Because as little as it known, it is your breath… your respiratory system, that is the biggest mover of metabolic waste from your body.  And the biggest mover of toxins above all other channels of excretion by a long shot.

You see your respiratory system moves more metabolic waste out of your body than your perspiration, urination and defecation does combined!  In fact it’s estimated your respiratory system is responsible for the elimination of more than 70% of toxins and impurities that are both absorbed and created within your body as an every day part of living.

And yes for those you are familiar with anatomical principles, the action of perspiration is part of the respiratory system through the association of the skin being a breathing organ.

Not so much the oxygen aspect, but because the skin absorbs nutrients in a similar way the lungs absorb oxygen.  Nevertheless, the process breathing and the process of perspiring are two different functions.

Percentage of metabolic waste removal

As a whole, the process of metabolic waste removal is governed by the four channels of excretion.

These four channels are…

  1. Respiration
  2. Perspiration
  3. Urination
  4. Defecation

In order of estimated waste excretion…

  1. Respiration accounts for 70% of metabolic waste removal
  2. Perspiration accounts for 20% of metabolic waste removal
  3. Urination accounts for 7% of metabolic waste removal
  4. Defecation accounts for 3% of metabolic waste removal

Your Breath – the Best Way To Detox

With little subject matter being taught in schools, why the Art of Breathing isn’t the major focus with regard to health-care is a mystery.  Thank goodness the breathing process is different to that of the digestive process with the breathing processes of your body being controlled by two sets of nerves.

  1. One set of nerves is for the set-and-forget part of breathing (involuntary/autonomic) that we don’t even think about.
  2. The other set of nerves belongs to the voluntary nervous system, the system that puts you into the drivers seat of your body so to speak.

It is the practice of voluntary/conscious breathing that offers so many good tidings for each and everyone of us it could well be considered ridiculously bountiful.  As with all aspects of the human body, it’s governed by the same universal law “If you don’t use it, you lose it!”  Hence the sooner you get into the practice of “conscious rhythmic breathing” the better.

Ask yourself…

How many times do you catch yourself holding your breath throughout the day?

If you caught yourself once, the chances are you missed the 10 times you didn’t notice.

On the physical level, this is why learning and practicing the TriBreath™ breathing rhythm’s when you walk and run is like striking gold.

By consciously focusing on your breath and in particular your breathing rhythm’s when you’re moving, your autonomic (involuntary) breathing nerves are likewise strengthened helping your body maintain that vitality that makes living in a robust and healthy body such a joy.

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Using the TriBreath™ techniques when you walk or run

By focusing on your breath when you walk and run for example, gives you key points of connection to move the muscles of your body. Take for instance the action of walking.

Most would think the action of walking is controlled by your legs. This is only true on a minor level. It is actually your arms that govern the potency of your legs action.

It is your arms that govern the speed at which you walk.

It is your arms that either vitalise your air intake or leave your air intake like you would drag a heavy sack of potatoes across the floor. Your arms are like the accelerator of your car or motor bike. The quicker you move your arms, the quicker your legs will move.

Focusing on your breath, not how fast or far you’re moving is the quickest way to health, vitality and fitness!

For it is your breath that is both builder and cleanser of your body. TriBreath™… Get into it!

If you have any queries, let me know!

Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach





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