Dehydration & Your Breath

When you’re troubled with breathing issues, it’s true purely focusing on breathing techniques like the TriBreath™ techniques can be very beneficial if not awesome.

But what if that’s not enough?

What if you feel like something big is missing?

Like why do the vast majority of people as they age fail to maintain good respiratory health in the first place?

Is it a lack of breath, mind and body connection?

Absolutely… of that there is no doubt!

But if you asked me to simplify it and nail it down to two main contributing factors, what would these factors be?

Crystalisation and Dehydration!

In my 30 years plus of service (my own body included) i’ve observed that crystalisation, contraction and collapse of the body’s skeletal frame is more than likely the biggest factor!

Getting more to the point, it’s the collapse of the shoulders and scapula into the body’s rib cage.

You see unfortunately with this collapse (as a direct result), the rib-cages ability to expand is compromised, thus causing the lungs ability to draw in air being restricted.

Because it’s not called a cage for nothing!

The smaller the cage the less room there is to move inside.

But in this post i would like to focus more on dehydration and the reasons why?

Based on numerous studies of man, it’s estimated we lose 10% of our lung capacity for every decade we reach over the age of 30.

As most people who care for the elderly will testify to (with breathing difficulties being the norm), is it coincidental that one of the hardest things to get an elderly human to do is to drink good amounts of water regularly throughout the day?

Not even looking at the elderly, how much water does the populous regularly drink throughout the day?

Again the answer to that is obvious when you look at one of the fastest growing industries in society today… the illness industry.

When you consider that disease cannot live in an oxygenated state, and if the vast majority of people’s body’s were being supplied with enough oxygen, then the sickness industry wouldn’t be thriving.

And it’s not rocket science to figure out that dehydration at the cellular level could be a big contributing factor in the ill-health of many.


Because your blood is the biggest carrier of oxygen throughout your body and guess what blood is primarily made up of.

That’s right… Water.

H2O – Hydrogen & Oxygen.

But it could be even bigger than that!

The relationship between your breath & water

For many years i couldn’t see the direct link between my breath and my body’s water.

Yet as life would have it, it was actually sharing a very simple technique with a client who was in a lot of trouble with his breathing.

Remembering the wisdom of Djwhal Khul…

Spirit at it’s lowest frequency is Matter
and Matter at its highest frequency is Spirit.
Fire at it’s lowest frequency is Water
and Water at its highest frequency is Fire.

To show Terry (the client) how his breathing troubles could be directly linked to how chronically dehydrated i believed his body was, i did this!

i walked right up to a window and exhaled through my mouth to leave a very visible mist on the glass.

Then as you can imagine, i asked Terry to do the same.

No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t leave any trace of mist on the glass.

And that’s when the penny dropped!

Returning to the words of Djwhal Khul, i could now see how Fire is another name for the Breath and the Breath is another name for Spirit.

For it is written the Creator breathed Spirit into the nostrils of man!

With regard to Terry’s physical movement, it was far from being spirited.

Just trying to make mist was too much for his body and he had to sit down and rest.

So not only was his body thirsty for breath, it was thirsty for water.

And what do you do for a thirsty man even though he’s not thirsty?

i put some MegaHydrate (a hydrogen ion supplement to bring up waters antioxidant properties) into a glass and filled it up with filtered hydrogen rich water.

Then i gave him the glass and suggested he holds a mouthful of this water in his mouth for as long as it takes for his mouth to start making saliva.

Then when he feels his mouth is producing saliva, swallow and fill up the mouth again and repeat.

As for his breath, i suggested he breathe IN and OUT as best as he can through his nose (obviously) and focus on relaxing his body.

  1. Relax the eyes.
  2. Relax the tongue.
  3. Relax the back of the neck.
  4. Let the water do the work!

And by the time i left his condition had already improved dramatically.

To say this was a big break through for Terry in believing he can improve his lot in life and at least get a little bit more mobile is an understatement.

But as it is for all of us, it’s up to Terry to make the change!


Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach



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