The Law of Lift

It doesn’t happen overnight. But it will happen! That is of course if you don’t do something about it!

What I’m talking about is the physical collapse of your body.

Does it have to be this way?

Absolutely not!

Can the average man or woman turn the tide of this collapse?

That’s a big YES!

i and so many others who are in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s are living proof of that!

So why is this collapse so ominous?

Because apart from back-breaking injuries and accidents, this collapse occurs in small micro-collapses every second of the day and it’s almost unnoticeable!

i did say almost!

You see once you’re aware these small micro-collapses are occurring, you can decide whether or not you wish to slow down, if not reverse your body’s collapse.

And the answer as always is really quite simple!

Universal Law

You see the human body, your body, is governed by the same laws that govern this planet.

And just like gravity is a physical law on this planet, there are laws that override the Law of Gravity.

Think of a bird or a plane or a helicopter.

These things aren’t drawn down to the centre of the Earth by default.

No, no, no!

You see the Law of Lift and the Law of Thrust override the Law of Gravity.

Hence we experience what we recognise as flight.

Or in human body terms… UPLIFTMENT!

But the moment the Law of Lift & Thrust are removed, the bird, the plane & the helicopter will all fall down.

That’s why if you don’t want these micro-collapses to lead to mobile-less (particularly as you age) your attention should be focused on the overriding laws.

So using the same principle…

Without any doubt, the highest law you can use to override the micro-collapses in your body is the right use of your will and your use of your breath.

Yes i’m talking about consciously connecting and directing your breath.

Your breath is the most incredible force that you can use to expand and uplift your body.

  1. Just like when you use the TriBreath breathing rhythms into your daily movement (every time you walk, run, push, pull) to activate the breathing centres of your body.
  2. Or using the TriBreath breathing rhythms as a way to minimise the impact your body experiences every time you walk or run!

Yes you can consciously vitalise the neural communication & connection to the two sides of your body.

Taking it further still, from there you can integrate the most powerful of the spiritual faculties that you and i are blessed with and that is the creative imagination

For instance… If you hold the vision of how you would like your body to perform, and you actively connect your breathing rhythms to rhythmically send self-generated light throughout your body.

Right down to the furthest extremities of your body.

You can build whatever it is you wish to build of that there is no doubt

But the first step is to get into the driver’s seat of your body and direct your breath.

That is key!

That is the key to maintaining and restoring your physical balance and movement using your respiratory cycle for internal momentum.

And it works no matter what your age.

All your body is waiting for is for you to get into the driver’s seat.

When you turn off auto-pilot and focus on the Laws of Lift & Expansion, you will experience the lift.

One breath at a time!

Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach



This is my guarantee to you. If within 30 days of your TriBreath™ Membership registration, if you can honestly say you put the effort in to time your body up to your breath, and you don’t feel more connected and more in control of your breath and your body, if you ask for a refund, it will be given!


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