How to Build Lung Function & Mobility

If you wish to restore and build upon lung function & physical mobility, look first to your arms!

The arms as little as it is known play and enormous role in so many bodily functions it’s ridiculous.

Just to name a few there’s…

  1. lung function
  2. aerobic strength
  3. structural integrity
  4. harmonic balancing
  5. waste removal and the list can still build!

Your arms are like the pistons in an engine generating power.  Without the pumping action of the pistons, there is little or no combustion.

Make no mistake… with the correct use of your arms also comes the ability to maximise how much life-giving oxygen you can pull in and it’s your arms that then promote the release of the spent air pushed out.

With the correct use of your arms, you can help slow down the forward rotation of your shoulders that ultimately leads to the collapse of your chest, your rib cage and your ability to draw in deep breaths of life-giving oxygen.  Hence why if building aerobic and physical fitness is a goal of yours (and why wouldn’t it be a life-time goal), then familiarising yourself and practicing on a daily level the movement of your arms when you walk and run is a sure way to help achieve your goals.

Why?  Because it’s the way your body is designed! It’s all in the design!

Observation is a great teacher!

One of the first suggestions i offer people when they first come to a TriBreath™ class is to practice observation.

Beginners are tasked with sitting down at the shopping centre or at the cafe’ etc. and watch people walk.  Watch both adults and watch children!  There’s lots to learn when watching the actions of others and how other people do things.

What most observe in a short period of time is when children walk their arms a swinging from front to back with a gusto.

But when it comes to adults and in particular adults in their later years, watch for the arm movement.  Unfortunately, more than often there’s little propulsion of the body generated by the arms.

And if there’s no propulsion generated by the arms, there’s little expulsion of spent air in the form of carbon-dioxide being expelled.

Breathing is one of those things that most of us just take for granted.  It’s something that we just do.  Yet when one becomes aware of the potency that is found in specific use of the arms to help maintain rhythmic breathing, then life is never the same.

It’s like there’s an unlimited source of power that’s suddenly become available to us.  Maybe it’s the way the body effortlessly lifts and the muscle engages when driver so to speak is sitting in the body and driving the body’s movement.  Whatever it is… it is life changing!

And this “changing” is further highlighted when the arms are used to promote connection between the two sides of your body.

One would think the way to increase aerobic strength would be to simply focus on breathing exercises yet this is only true when one is looking at a small vision of the truth.  You see there is no physical function within the framework of the human body that works unto itself i.e. in isolation.  Every function of the human body works as a cohesive whole.

Know this!  The one thing that all people who are experiencing life (no matter what their age) in a body that is not vibrant and not exuding vitality is a lack of mobility and lots of limitation.  Limitation in both physical movement, aerobic strength and arm movement!

The body’s built in a particular way

Sprinters at starting lineLook at the physiques of world class sprinters.  Look at the fastest men and women on the planet.  The pulling power of the lungs and diaphragm on these bodies is remarkably impressive.  But pull back a bit and look at their arms!

Look at the shoulder muscles and then the chest and back muscles of these athletes.

These muscle groups are so well defined in their form (on the body of a sprinter) that one could well imagine that these people spend more time in the gym than on the track.  And that belief would be incorrect! You only get good at what you practice and if your goal is to be a world-class sprinter then one practices sprinting first!

So how does this help you?

Knowledge is King and the truth is we don’t know what we don’t know!

So know this… if maintaining your health, vitality, mobility and aerobic fitness to the day you leave this planet appeals to you, focus on the movement of your arms and ultimately to time your breath up to the movement of your elbows. 

In the TriBreath member area, there’s a video called ‘The Elbows’.   In this video i go into a lot more detailed about how with the correct use of your ‘shoulder & elbow’ movement, can germinate better digestive and respiratory health in a very short amount of time.  As soon as you implelent these techniques, the benefits begin.  You’ll move better straight away and when you move well you’ll breathe well!

In a nut-shell, if you’re aiming to be POTENT in your living years for life, then…


Using the TriBreath™ breathing rhythms and first unify your breath to your arms movement.  Find the pendulum effect that is created when both your exhalation and inhalation alternate from side-to-side.  This is key!

Once you’ve created the neural pathways that unify your breath with your arms movement you’ll remember to breathe more regularly and your body will lift.  

TriBreath™… Building Up Your Strength One Breath At A Time!

Let me know how you go.

Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach




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