Embracing Wall Work

There’s no doubt that embracing Wall Wwork has been the most restorative and regenerative practice that i’ve invested the most precious of my private properties in… my time!

Would this practice be as successful for me (by successful i mean no more broken back pain; no more migraine headaches that were recurring regularly at 2 a month if not more; greater mobility and greater strength) if i hadn’t invested so many years practicing and honing my relationship with my body using the TriBreath™ techniques, one cannot say.

As Andy found (you can listen to Andy’s experience in the video below), embracing and supporting your body to facilitate the return to what i call Factory Default Settings (FDS) is empowering.

With not a thought of “getting”, including the very well-practiced thought structure so many of us invest in, “I’m getting out of here!”, most relate to the getting as… i.e. I want to get fit, I want to get rid of this illness, I want to get thin etc. etc. etc..

Peacework has quite the opposite mind set.  Peacework is all about the “giving” and the relaxing!

The giving & bringing peace to your body through the focus of relaxing your body so your body can return to FDS.  Your bodies discomfort, restrictions, pain, and all its compaction.

Sounds wonderfully releasing but on a practical level how do we do this?

By using the most powerful of your spiritual faculties

It is by “seeing” your skeletal frame in perfect alignment when you’re in the sitting, standing, or lying down postures that gives your body the path of release.

The use of surrounding structures that are either dead flat or at right angles to each other (the seat of a flat bench placed hard up against a wall is at a perfect 90 degree) to reflect how your body’s muscles are holding your skeletal frame is absolutely imperative.

The reason being if you’re standing in the middle of a room, you have no idea how you’re holding your body (it could be twisted, bent) because you cannot see outside of yourself.

Hence we use stable, solid structures!

For example…

Your lounge room wall and floor are at right angles with each other.

Using a wall in the sitting positions or the standing position helps you recognise where your skeletal frame needs to go to return to FDS, because you can feel where your body is twisted.  That is using the standing pose, both cheeks of your bottom and both shoulder blades won’t be touching the wall with the same pressure. 

When practicing your standing wall work, starting position is…

  1. With your heels up against the skirting rail and the cheeks of your bottom barely touching the wall.
  2. From there you hold your focus on relaxing your eyes and jaw (your temporomandibular joint).
  3. Hold an awareness that from the base of your skull, you image your skull is being lifted.
  4. Just focus on relaxing your eyes and jaw and feel shoulders drop.
  5. Without physical adjustment, are both shoulder blades touching the wall with equal barely discernible pressure?

Relax!  Remember… you don’t lean into the wall.

  1. You’re barely touching the wall.
  2. Your bottom and shoulder blades are touching the wall as softly as a fly can land on you!  

It is from your focused intention on relaxing your eyes and jaw that your body will intuitively move through your body and feel where tension is being held by your muscle in what i call “holding patterns”.

If one could truly look inside using the mind (and the creative imagination, the most powerful of all the spiritual faculties), the chances are your body feels a lot older and a lot more crystalised than what appears to you on the outside.

And the tragic thing is most of us (and i didn’t until around seven years ago when i first started this practice) have no idea this internal crystalisation of the skeleton and surrounding tissue is going on.  Not a skerrick of a clue!

It’s a simple case of one day you cannot do what you used to be able to do.  When did it happen?  Who knows?

Andy shares his thoughts


It’s all about negating the charge

Know this!  Every muscular contraction we instigate in our life, if there isn’t an equal and opposite dis-charge of the charge that was required to contract the muscle, the body will hold that undischarged charge and over time (this occurs over the decades) the skeletal frame is as a default held out of alignment.

The unfortunate consequences of this collapse is the disconnection of nerve impulse and ultimately the transmission & reception of light. 

With it being said the Soul is anchored in the heart and the Consciousness is anchored in the nervous system, any diminishment of light is going to have implications.

Is this process of crystalisation that occurs within the body unavoidable?

i believe the choice to use the higher faculties we are all blessed rather than point the finger of blame at age, can make a huge difference to your body’s mobility! 

By holding the vision of your skeletal frame being structurally sound and in perfect alignment in your mind, whilst also relaxing your eyes and jaw allows your body to navigate the internal collapse and return to FDS.

For the truth is…

  1. The health of your nervous system is the make or break of your health, spark and your vitality!
  2. It’s not what is transmitted from the brain to the organs, muscles and limbs… it’s what is received.
  3. It is the unimpeded flow of neural communication or ELECTRICITY & INFORMATION that lights your temple; your body!

Wall Work is without a doubt THE MOST POWERFUL regenerative practice that i have ever experienced!

If you have any queries, let me know.

Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach




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