Finding the Light Within

As many know and many more are yet to discover, TriBreath™ can be used as a very potent tool to distribute self-generated light and vitalise neural communication.

Without going into great detail, (all is available within the TriBreath™ Members Teaching Portal) the way we go about this is to use either of the three TriBreath™ breathing rhythm’s and specific mind techniques that together, vitalise both the respiratory system and the nervous system, when you walk and/or run.

For the truth is you living a vital life with energy is all about how you generate and distribute your internal spark!

In this video i share a little tip about how to find that light and build upon that light in your head.

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So when you’re out building upon your breath…

  1. See this light being maintained and its luminosity increase as you draw oxygen in through your nose on every IN breath.
  2. On your OUT breath, be the lighthouse and distribute your self-generated light like a beacon through the night first down to your feet, then to your hands, then to your elbows.
  3. Activate the already present neural pathways and see your light going your knees, to your hips, to your shoulders, your organs, anywhere your mind can take you.

Please note:

It can be very helpful in the beginning of your learning and practice, to slow down your walking pace.

Focus more on your breath and maintaining your arms movement in sync with your breathing rhythm. As repetition is one of the key ingredients to understanding, and as the practice of moving the arms first to propel the legs forward is fundamental to the growth and restoration of mobility, i will BOLD and repeat…

“maintaining your arms movement in sync with your breathing rhythm”,
is where your focus should be!


  1. Each IN breath and OUT breath to the movement of your arms from front to back.
  2. Your nervous system to your feet by distributing the light to the soles of your feet with every OUT breath.

And your body will take care of the rest.

Any queries, let me know 🙂

Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach




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