Feeling STRESSED? Try this!

Whenever you’re feeling stressed, anxious, irritable or any other of the unsavory states of mind, below is an edited snippet of a video to help you relax your body, calm your mind & uplift your spirit using your breath and other regenerative techniques.

The technique that i share with you in the video below, is one of many that i’ve developed over the many years i’ve been practicing the Wall Work. A practice that literally helps you return the physical structure of your body (primarily your skeletal system) back to its original Factory Default Settings which is basically perfect alignment.

Using the three earthing points of your feet to really ground you, relaxing your body as described in this video helps you “direct your energy to where the energy needs to be released”.

As you utilise the Science of the Triangle, with every IN-breath and OUT-breath comes the pulsation of expansion throughout your upper rib cage right up to your mastoid process (the base of your skull) or what is called the “Gates of Consciousness”.

Even if you don’t know what i’m referring to with regard to how to use the earth points and where they are (watch the full unedited video in the TriBreath Members Area), not to mention the elongation of your spine and the expansion of your thoracic cage using the Science of the Triangle, just practicing what i share with you in this little snippet can be so wonderful for you.

i say this because i absolutely adore this practice and the people i’ve shared this with agree.

In it’s simplest form, the process goes like this…

  1. Breathe IN relax your eyes
  2. Breathe OUT relax your tongue
  3. Breathe IN relax the back of your neck
  4. Breathe OUT relax your bum
  5. With every IN-breath and OUT-breath, let go of the tension and let your body move where it wishes to move.

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When you get good at actually “feeling where your body tension is sitting”, and moving deeper into the denser areas of your body that truly do hold your body in heaviness, the lightness you feel can be quite euphoric.

It’s also a big favourite for the people to finish their TriBreath session at the park.

Everybody’s eyes shine brighter and they move in a lighter more fluid way.

Anyway, if the techniques i share with you in this video provide benefit to you, you can find the unedited video that also guides and teaches you…

  1. What and where the earthing points are and how to benefit from this knowledge.
  2. The Science of the Triangle to help you release and open up your thoracic cage allowing your body greater depth of breath.
  3. How to elongate your spine and return your head to being in the Crown position rather than feeling as though it’s on the chopping board.

This along with lots of other regenerative video’s to help keep your body mobile, active and responsive no matter what age you are within the TriBreath Members Area.

If you have any queries, let me know.


Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
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