Building muscle as you walk

If you’re looking to create strong toned arms and an expansive chest that can pull in some serious air when you’re out walking or doing your everyday stuff, then look no further than Muscle Pose.

This ‘full body workout’ ability is one of the huge benefits that the bulk of the TriBreath movements command.

Yes you can benefit from a full body exercise program when you walk.

Sure just using the TriBreath breathing rhythms alone when you walk and run will improve your body connection, you body’s posture and respiratory strength.

But when you’re in regeneration, repair and re-building mode, the TriBreath movements (that are all synchronised up to the three TriBreath breathing rhythm’s) add a powerful input that can accelerate all of the afore mentioned modes.

The unfortunate truth is muscle mass and strength declines dramatically as age creeps in.

When the majority of people first embark on the TriBreath journey, they very quickly realise that just holding their arms up at shoulder height can be difficult.

Of course like all things with a bit of practice and as the systems start working more can be achieved.

Muscle Pose

One of the favourite movements i’ve been sharing at TriBreath class for over twenty years is Muscle Pose.

Being an “isometric” movement, this make Muscle Pose an all inclusive exercise for people in all stages of fitness.

If you can move your arms you can benefit!

Not limited to when you’re out walking, you can do Muscle Pose standing on the spot in your lounge room, in your kitchen, on your veranda.

The movement is fabulous for creating some definition and tone and strength in the upper arm as well as the shoulders and chest.

Although it just looks like you’re just clenching your arms, this presumption couldn’t be further from the truth.

Take for example these techniques you can consciously bring in when doing Muscle Pose.

  1. Improve your balance as you connect each breath you take be it an IN-breath or an OUT-breath to the soles of your feet as you walk.
  2. The drawing in and releasing of your breath via the breathing centres of your body.
  3. The distribution of self-generated light to actively vitalise your neuromuscular connection.
  4. The extension of your arms (again in time with your IN-breath’s) in a relaxed and controlled manner.
  5. The conscious contraction and compression of your arms on your OUT-breath’s.
  6. The releasing of all tension of your arms and wrists and you “paint the air with the back of your hand”.

Yes there’s a lot more to Muscle Pose than just showing us your muscle.

Full instruction of how to achieve this and more is in my members area.

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As with all the Tribreath movements, we embrace feeling first… then work in the tenth’s of millimetres to expand outwardly on the physical level.

Start softly and proceed with no rush to get anywhere.

Any queries let me know.


Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach



This is my guarantee to you. If within 30 days of your TriBreath™ Membership registration, if you can honestly say you put the effort in to time your body up to your breath, and you don’t feel more connected and more in control of your breath and your body, if you ask for a refund, it will be given!

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