Baoding Balls

It is said when the sperm unifies with the egg, the first organ created in etheric matter is the kidney.

For it is believed the kidneys are like the batteries of your body.

The kidneys regulate and generate energy, hence the term Kidney Chi.

On a physical level, the first organ created is the heart.

And from the heart springs forth the hands.

The hands!  They can caress, they can heal, they can build, they can create.

Ancient wisdom

Baoding balls (Yin Yang Balls) have been around for centuries and are believed to originate from China.

The myriad of injuries you can address using these balls are endless.

i’ve treated myself using these balls as acupressure tools too many times for me to even fathom.

Some of my sets i’ve had for over thirty years.

The video below is a way to use them for promoting remedy and relief from RSI, bursitis, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, carpal syndrome, arthritis. And the list doesn’t stop there.

Focus more on the way you hold your body (posture).  

Elbows in, shoulders out!

Relax your eyes, relax your tongue, relax from the back of your skull!

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May the music continue

Every tradie and musician on the planet (in fact every single human on the planet who is conscious enough to be able to look after themselves) is well advised to have a set that is used regularly.

From what appears to be broken, the fingers can and do return to subtle, dexterous action.  This can be a god-send to those of us whose hands don’t do what they used to do in the younger years.

Young musicians… using the balls will increase your potential as a virtuoso!!! Of this there is no doubt!

The trick is (with nearly all the ways you can use the Baoding Balls in the hand) is keeping the palm of the hand horizontal facing upward and the elbow away from the waist.

Holding the hand in this position so the balls stay on the palm as you use your fingers to rotate them opens your shoulder up.

Opening the shoulders opens the chest. Opening the chest increases our ability to breathe in life-giving oxygen.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
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