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How to Build Lung Strength & Digestive Health Using Your Elbows

Lung strength and digestive health is so allusive to so many as we age, that disintegration is almost considered a normal part of aging.

But as little as it is known, how you use your elbows when you walk and run is literally the make it or break it when it comes to living with vitality in your later years.

Limitations, that again the vast amount of us humans will experience, is in fact not caused by age, but the amount of time you’ve been using your body in a way it wasn’t designed to be used!

You see, in nearly every way, we are both operator and driver of our body!

In this video i share with you the ‘how and the why’ using your elbows in a particular way (when you walk and run) is an absolute necessity to you.

Of course only if having excellent freedom of both breath and movement on so many levels is important to you.


Structure, structure, structure!

Once you recognise you can either ‘mindlessly’ move yourself from point A to point B or you can be ‘mindfully aware’, and that every action, no matter how minor a change it is that you invest in, can and will either have a beneficial or a not so beneficial impact on you and your body.

And how you use your elbows when you walk and run is a biggy!

Something so simple that appears so insignificant can and does a huge impact on the health and well being of your body.

So with your shoulders in the…

  1. Up, Back and Down position
  2. Pull your chin in
  3. Lift your head Up from the back of your skull

Best be the awesome human you’re designed to be!

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach




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