Move Your Arms

If you’ve ever studied the movement of children when they walk or run, you’ll see arms a swinging with gusto.

Just watch those little arms move!

As cute as it looks on little body’s, the actual reason for the expressive arm movement is purely mechanical.

You see when you move your arms, your arms help you generate momentum and momentum is a force your legs can follow.

Just like when you use force to push down on the accelerator pedal of a car.

Push the pedal and your car moves faster.

Likewise with the human body, if you move your arms quicker it makes your legs move faster.

Slow your arms down your legs will slow down. 

The only way to “consciously” move your arms without your legs following is to not move your legs.

Like when you’re standing still or sitting down.

But there’s a catch!

You can move your legs faster but your arms don’t have to follow.

The arm leg connection is a one way street!

Your arms direct your legs but your legs don’t direct your arms!

You can run as fast as you can without moving your arms but the moment you bring your arms into the movement your legs will automatically sync up with your arms!

Well practiced restrictions

On the opposite spectrum of little body’s and arms a swinging, watch older humans move.

With most aging humans most of the time, you’ll see the inner arms are almost pressed into the rib cage with the shoulders, lower arms & hands moving very little.

Depending on the favoured side (whether we lead with our right foot or lead with our left), the majority of times you’ll see one arm held against the side and the other arm barely moving to the front of the body.

For example…

  1. If a man or woman leads with their right foot, it’ll be the left arm held against the body and right arm moving slightly forward.
  2. If a man or woman leads with their left foot, it’ll be the right arm held against the body and the left arm moving to the front of the body.

You don’t know what you don’t know

i made an example of this hidden dance of collapse in the video Why is HOW I breathe important?

You can watch this video when you download the TriBreath eBook.

This one of the many video’s i share with you to get your understanding of your greater potential when you start doing things in the TriBreath way.

Once you get it, you’ll see imbalance doing what imbalance does when you watch people walk.

Pay particular attention to the arms being held against the side and the limp on one leg. 

What you may note is it’s very rare it is to see an older human moving both of their arms equally in a vital way (and now unfortunately teenagers with the ever growing computer screen mentality that only promotes further collapse of the chest).

It’s even rarer to see the elbows moving fluidly to the back of the body thus supplying the shoulder joint ample range of movement to generate momentum and further body propulsion.

If you’re interested in really grasping how moving your arms in a certain way can help lift, strengthen and fortify your body, there’s a video within the TriBreath™ member area called ‘The Elbows’.

There i go quite in depth about the unseen functions and benefits that come with using your arms to promote greater air intake, the stabilisation of your posture & vitality of your digestive system.

Some simple steps to change

Mark my words!  You’ll always be short of your physical potential if the movement of your arms is not consciously practiced as you live your life.

If you wish to maintain your mobility as you age, think arms and breath!

Below are some of the ways i retrained and helped remind myself to think more about my breathing by using my arms more consciously.

  1. When you get up out of bed and walk down the hall to your bathroom, think move your arms.
  2. When you walk to the kitchen, think move your arms.
  3. When you’ve been sitting and you get up, think move your arms.
  4. When you get out of the car, think move your arms.
  5. When you’re walking up & down stairs, think move your arms.

Accessing a higher law

If you don’t believe the “arm pump function” can be a game-changer for your mobility & vitality, know this!

The body doesn’t maintain the “youthful” moving arms function as we age!

If it did, older humans would be swinging their arms and moving around like children do when they move

It would appear that as we age “we expect” and “justify” disintegration!

Sure it’s true our body’s are bound by the Law of Disintegration as is ALL on the physical plane.

But just as the Law of Thrust working with the Law of Lift overrides the Law of Gravity, so too can you override or at least minimise the impact the physical law of disintegration imposes upon us.

How?  By using the higher laws!

Movement creates momentum and momentum is a measurable physical force.

If you direct that force consciously, you can dramatically reduce, if not negate the effects of both the Law of Compression and the Law of Disintegration that can wreak havoc upon you.

If it’s true in nature it’s true for you and i.

Building connection with your body

If one wishes to access higher laws, it makes sense that one must use the higher faculties.

And in this case that is the use of the Mind and the Will.

For the “willingness” to implement “change” in how we “operate/drive” our body is the first step.

It’s the time we invest in our practice.

The funny thing is it’s the body aging that provides us with the greatest opportunity to readily see and experience the “produce” of our mind/will/connection labour.

When we’re young we only recognise expansion because we don’t know what contraction is yet.

So when we do this sort of practice in our younger years we just further expand.

But when the Wheel of Expansion we know in our youth slows down and loses traction, it is the Wheel of Contraction that gains traction and physically decline we do. 

So best to something about it!

The TriBreath™ techniques

When you learn and then implement the TriBreath™ techniques into your life, you’ll learn just how important it is to focus on moving your arms first and more consciously when you’re walking or running.

Move your arms…

  1. Pull your elbows back
  2. Gently lift your head from the back of your skull
  3. Feel the lift

To say rhythmic breathing is the surest way to improve the way you physically move is an understatement.  Consciously communicating with your body is like the Sun shining on the Earth 🙂 

Let me know if you have any queries,

Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
TriBreath™ Coach




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