How to restore nasal breathing

Nasal breathing is the first and purest way of supplying your body with the number one nutrient required for life… Oxygen!

When asked about possible ways of restoring and promoting nasal breathing, i am reminded of a wonderful meeting that occurred a few years ago.

The scene is a big old house with plenty of room that extends out to a wonderfully spacious patio running around it.  Big and grand to match the mountains in the distance, the water, the trees and the sky it was.  A beautiful space and vision to boot.

i was there to share TriBreath™ with a bunch of people who gave themselves a day of integrated breathing, intuitive art and inner mediation techniques with myself and other practitioners of healing modalities.

Included in the bounty of body, mind and spirit modalities was a truly magnificent meal (most of the food on the table having been picked the same morning) that oozed nutrient content whilst radiating a… “all the colours of the rainbow glow”.

May you rest in peace Chef Baz!

It was one of those WOW meals.  And the first time i experienced cacao beans caramelised in agave. Yum!

Anyway, after the meal when scrumptious cakes and sweets and tea of spices were offered (taste sensation!) one of the couples came up to me and asked if i had any suggestions to help their daughter (aged about 11).  They’d been to numerous doctors & specialists regarding their daughter’s habit of only being able to breathe in through the mouth.

Traversing the issues at hand

“Are there any structural issues with the nose and or nasal passages?” i asked.

A sigh of relief on that level was shared as all tests showed there was no physical cause, hence the number of specialists looking for answers.

“She just breathes in through the mouth all the time and say’s she can’t breathe in through the nose”, said the mother. “What about hydration? Does she drink much water?”, i queried.

“That’s another issue!” replied the mum. “Is it!!!”, was the thought that popped into the head!

So i asked if i could try something and inquired about the girl’s diet and if she could have a big slice of one of the most beautiful cakes Chef Baz had created.  As the answer was yes, a grin came upon my face.

Let’s see if the mouth breathing habit could be associated with the way this girl eats.

A reward is offered

Asking the girl over, i enquired if there was a particular cake she fancied.  With a smile to launch a thousand ships she pointed out the cake of her choice.

Asking if she liked games, the answer was yes so i said to her, “If you can keep a mouthful of water in your mouth and walk around the house 4 times, when you’re finished, if you can put the water from your mouth into a glass then that cake is all yours.”

With a glance over to Mum & Dad and a reaffirming yes, the girl agreed.

And i proceeded to cut a good two inch slice of cake out.

It is here that i must return to the beginning and the beautiful old house.

You see the verandah that surrounded the house was as huge as the house was.  The length of each side was easily twenty metres (65 foot)minimum

Do the maths!  That’s an 80m walk around the house.  Do it 4 times and that’s over 300m.

So with cake cut and little girl anticipating, i poured some water into a glass and she proceeded to fill her mouth and she was on her way.

The method behind the madness

While she was walking i explained to Mum & Dad and the other participants who were now intrigued by the going ons, that by having water in her mouth she won’t be able to breathe in through her mouth.

Having the water in her mouth will stimulate the salivary glands and thereby activate the respiratory mucous membranes of the nasal passages.

Only a well hydrated body can absorb large amounts of oxygen.  As the mouth will be secreting saliva and breathing in through the mouth unavailable and as the distance to travel is too far for a youngster to hold their breath, the results (if indeed she returns with water in her mouth) will be interesting.

And upon her return with a eagerly anticipating audience, was a mouthful of water returned to a glass and she wasn’t even fatigued.

With cheers a plenty, this clearly showed that the little girl could breathe in through her nose and whatever was going, the remedy certainly wasn’t surgery.

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The road ahead

It warmed the heart to see the parents witness first hand that their daughter was alright and not physically impaired. This appeared to be the biggest relief for the mother. For where would we be without the Mum’s!

This also showed a few more things…

  1. One… there was plenty of oxygen able to get into her body via the nasal passages.
  2. Two… looking for drug intervention wasn’t the right course of action considering there was nothing wrong with the body.
  3. Three… the habit of mouth breathing was a self-created habit of the mind that due to being unaddressed over the years (for whatever reason) had spiraled into a physical reality that was now causing harm on many different levels.

Creating the change!

All habits have a beginning even mouth only breathing. The surest way to cure on both the physical and energetic level is to not focus on the problem, but place the attention on the cure.

With mouth breathing, i always sway to the way-of-eating. Every human should be taught how to eat from day dot and that is with the mouth closed and only swallowing the food in one’s mouth when the food in the mouth is well and truly liquefied. Observing people who experience respiratory limitations and you’ll see mouth breathing when eating is very common.

It is by habitually focusing on hydration and the liquefaction of foods when eating, that not only will the habit of mouth breathing diminish, as nasal breathing is restored, the body will be further invigorated by the increased ratio of oxygen accessible.

By holding water in the mouth for extended periods of time, the body (with no conscious thought required) restores nasal breathing as the preferred channel for respiration and as a result, the whole body is enlivened.

It goes to show again… the best things in life are free and simple. Classic hey!

Let me know if you have any queries 🙂

Brett Hayes

Brett Hayes
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